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Posted on 2023-May-22 (Monday)

New event: Operation Dark Eclipse

Rebel Alliance intelligence has identified an opportunity to strike a decisive blow against the Galactic Empire on the remote planet of Mimban. Our objective is to execute a covert operation, codenamed "Dark Eclipse," aimed at crippling the Imperial forces stationed on Mimban. The primary targets for this mission are the disabling of the turbolaser defense perimeter and the abduction of an Imperial high-ranking officer, who is conducting a field inspection of his troops. ======================= REPO: …

Posted on 2023-May-21 (Sunday)

New event: Rogue Threat

The various reforms enacted by Mikhail Gorbachev within the Soviet Union, as well as the warming of relations with the west is not seen as a positive by some factions within the Soviet Military. 48 hours ago, a rogue GRU colonel, along with a company of spetsnaz operatives loyal to him have stolen 10 nuclear Scud missiles and have taken them to the island of Rugen in East Germany. They plan to fire the missiles at parts of West Germany and Denmark, hoping to provoke a NATO response and start World War III. …

Posted on 2023-May-15 (Monday)

New event: The Battle at Ranachan Hill

The Royalist forcest have been contemplating a strike towards our lines for quite a few weeks now, and it appears that the grim moment has landed upon us this morning. Ever since the pause in hostilities between the pro-independence Scots Forces and the Royalist British Army a precarious line of defense has been positioned around the Mull of Kintyre. It is a strategic location for us, as the entirety of Scotland's logistics link from Ireland to Glasgow. The British have been trying to blockade us by …

Posted on 2023-May-03 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Black Light

=========================================================================== =========================================================================== DATE: ██-██-████ Interview Participants: D̸̅͒ȑ̴͝.̷̄͛ ̸̅͐█̷̛̐█̷̏̂█̵̔͆█̵̃̕█̴̀͌█̷̐̎,̵̃̀ ̷͆̐Ľ̶́e̶̾͠ȃ̵́d̴̀̅ ̴̚͝Ṙ̸̓e̴͊͝s̵̛͠e̵̔̀ä̸̓r̴͐͂c̴̏̄h̴͒͝é̴͒r̴͌͂ Agent ███████, Retrieval Team Leader Dr. ██████: Agent ███████, can you describe the mission's objective and its outcome? Agent ███████: Our mission objective was to retrieve a sample of the ████████████ …

Posted on 2023-Apr-27 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Depot Malfunction

The situation in Afghanistan has escalated as a militant group has obtained a large quantity of black market weapons, including tanks. The group has also set up radar jammers to cover their weapon depots, making it difficult for targeted missile strikes to take them out. A special operations team has been sent in to deal with the situation. Their mission is to locate and eliminate the radar jammers, allowing for targeted missile strikes to destroy the weapon depots. The team will need to navigate the …

Posted on 2023-Apr-16 (Sunday)

New event: Joint Cooperation

In the run up to the 2031 Altian presidential elections, the FIA have been ramping up their activity, particularly in central and western Altis. 1 week ago, an AAF patrol passing through the town of Agios Dionysios was hit by sniper fire, resulting in the death of two AAF servicemen. In response, the AAF patrol fired wildly into the town with their IFV, which only caused property destruction, a few civilian deaths and the exodus of civilians from the town. This only served to embolden the FIA, who began to …

Posted on 2023-Apr-16 (Sunday)

New event: Jaws of Red

With the Korean Conflict escalating to all out war with the Soviet Union, US forces and Soviet forces clash in Europe. With some battle hardened units from Korea joining the fray, US forces attempt a breakthrough in assumed weaker Soviet lines. =================== Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, TL, Medic Marked as Medic All Can IV Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Objective Based/Medic …

Posted on 2023-Apr-11 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation State Machine

A group of refugee militants, known as the "Refugee Liberation Front" (RLF), has seized an island just off the shore of Tanoa. The RLF consists of refugees who have been displaced due to civil unrest and conflicts in their homeland. They are armed, well-organized, and have taken control of the island's resources, including a nuclear weapon that they have threatened to use if their demands for independence are not met. The RLF claims that their actions are driven by a desire for self-determination and …

Posted on 2023-Mar-29 (Wednesday)

New event: Peaceful Protest

The UN sucks. =================== Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, TL, Medic Marked as Medic All Can IV Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Objective Based/Mercy Extra note: Short op.

Posted on 2023-Mar-28 (Tuesday)


In the aftermath of the failed air assault, the surviving NATO troops have regrouped with what is left of the stranded armored platoon and launch a ground assault on an AAF Firebase. An additional objective is to take out CSAT anti-air radars to pave the way for a second air assault, while also fending off ongoing joint AAF/CSAT attacks. The odds are against them, but the surviving soldiers are determined to push forward and turn the tide of the invasion. ======================= REPO: MAIN MEDICAL …

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