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Posted on 2020-Aug-02 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Cracker

War! Russia and Nato clash! US and allied forces continue to push the Russian forces back. This is the first mission in a campaign to take Chernarus. A US Mechanized force supported by infantry is tasked to be the spearhead into the area. Supported by an advanced insert team, Bradleys and a Logi team, the US forces must take a foothold in the area. Drive them back. They will fight for every inch of territory. We will win. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Hierarchy Squad Spawn Repo: …

Posted on 2020-Aug-02 (Sunday)

New event: Peaceful Skies Replay 8 November, 1995. After a war between Belka and allied forces from the nations of Osea and Yuktobania stalled out into a ceasefire culminated from a nuclear suicide strike, the joint peacekeeping forces continue to maintain a presence in territory captured by Belka to provide humanitarian aid, supplies, and stability within the region. Tensions are high. Approximately five months after the fighting ceased, small scale clashes once again broke out after …

Posted on 2020-Jul-31 (Friday)

New event: Green Mile Highway Redux

September 25th, 1975. West German/Czech Border The times of peace and detente are over. Europe is burning; no-one is winning. In all theatres, NATO is in an elastic defense, ceding swathes of land in a desperate struggle to dissolve the red spearhead. It has taken every man in Europe months to expose mere slivers of strategic weakness in the REDFOR advance, and now you will be a key cog in this bloody machine. To the north of you is a tired REDFOR spearhead on the verge of annihilation. Seperating us is …

Posted on 2020-Jul-26 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Housekeeping

Due to the excellent and supreme management of our country by our government, rebels have seized one of our islands. They have killed our men and taken our stuff, we must make them pay for this. We must clear the island of these scum. The air corps has given us helicopters to do this. We will wipe the rebels of the face of our country! ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Hierarchy Squad Spawn. Repo: Blended 3 Helicopters, all Mi-8s with Rockets. Competent pilots highly appreciated.

Posted on 2020-Jul-20 (Monday)

New event: Operation Whiteout.

Tensions between Russia and NATO grow high along the Russian border. With intelligence indicating a Russian offensive, NATO takes the first step and strikes first. Under the cover of a snowstorm and night, a unit is inserted behind enemy lines to disable critical infrastructure. ================= Medical Level: Standard Respawn: Hierarchy Group Spawn Repo: Main.

Posted on 2020-Jul-15 (Wednesday)

New event: Damage Assessment

Following the escalation of tensions on Malden, we have engaged in a fragmented and borderline desperate standoff with the CSAT forces stationed on its Northern half, as well as long the Western shoreline. This contest has proven to be completely unsustainable, and very quickly it devolved into an offensive into our territory. CSAT troops have occupied our previously held salient at the Feas plateau, beyond the Malden summit and the village of Arudy. This area was strategically vital as it allowed us to …

Posted on 2020-Jul-13 (Monday)

New event: Operation Windy

UN Forces monitoring a civil war in Tembelen have been attacked, and are being forced out by the winning faction on the island. Radio contact with other UN groups have been lost, and the worst can be assumed. UN Forces must hold their position until enemy forces halt their attack and allied forces can arrive. =================== Medical Level: Standard Respawn: Hierarchy Group Spawn Repo: Blended

Posted on 2020-Jul-06 (Monday)

New event: Operation Tidy Up (Redux)

It's been a few days since our benefactors in the CSAT coalition involved themselves in our great strike against NATO. However, due to recent events on the mainland, they have asked the field office to send two teams to “handle” any remaining issues on Stratis. You and your team are going to report to Colonel Augustir at the town of Agia Marina. He will then direct you toward a few areas of interest for CSAT to clear and clean out. With your skills, and your 2 helicopter transport gunships, this should …

Posted on 2020-Jun-24 (Wednesday)

New event: Tango Sierra

Tango Sierra was a classified unit within MACV-SOG operating out of a covert forward operating base in Vietnam, near the Laotian border. The primary objective of Tango Sierra was investigating Soviet activity in the area both in Vietnam and across the border in Laos. This included investigating reports of spotted Soviet advisors, as well as locating and destroying shipments of Soviet weapons to the NVA and Viet Cong in country. ==================== Mission is somewhat linear and scripted, so team leader …

Posted on 2020-Jun-16 (Tuesday)

New event: Expeditus Carnifex

The planet Kujar-4, an insignificant desolate world orbiting a White Dwarf features little outside of the harvesting of its crystals. These crystals are controlled by the various roving nomadic groups that strip whatever they can off this planet. It is this backwater that now has our interest in fulfilling the glorious Quest for Knowledge. An ancient Battle Mech has been uncovered and it is a race against time to secure it before the local desperadoes moving in can steal it from us. For the Machine …

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