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Posted on 2020-Nov-23 (Monday)

New event: Unlikely Allies

Gentlemen, meine Herren: Hitler is dead, yet some loyalists remain. Some of them are the SS who are still guarding the Castle of Itter. A high profile Prison that is part of the Buchenwald complex. Imprisoned in it are some high level French officials and a French tennis player. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Together with the local resistance, one squad of Wehrmacht and one squad of US Army troops we will work together, to free these prisoners and eradicate the last holdouts of the …

Posted on 2020-Nov-22 (Sunday)

New event: Breakdown

The goal is simple, clear the town and hold the road. The execution? Less so. They enemy is armed with numerous tanks, planes, and helicopters. All we have are some feet, an IFV and 2 birds. Push the town, be flexible, and kill the enemy. We must win. We will win. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: 15 Minute Wave Repo: Main

Posted on 2020-Nov-21 (Saturday)

New event: The Battle of Green Hill

The year is 1966, after establishing a FOB in the Prei Khmaoch Luong region, the 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment are solidifying their position in their new AO. After a Vietcong artillery strike last night, Bravo Platoon was deployed to the suspect area of the attacks to confirm the suspected firing position. Your job, Delta Platoon, will be to relieve Bravo Platoon and continue further across the river into suspect Vietcong territory. Expect nothing more than maybe a NVA platoon, shouldn't be …

Posted on 2020-Nov-17 (Tuesday)

New event: Dis-Armament

Installing pacification rules in this sector of the Caucasus was never going to be easy. The ceasefire treaty brokered between Armenia and Azerbaijan we've made in the last weeks of 1993. very clearly indicated who gets which part of the land in this neck of the woods. The problem is that the implementation of such was not particularly clearly thought out by neither of the sides' military leaderships, which has at this point devolved into a cavalcade of paramilitaries and foreign fighters under the …

Posted on 2020-Nov-15 (Sunday)

New event: Go Go! Giant Robot!

Space Rangers! You have been summoned! At 0830 earth-hours, a rogue general by the name of Chan Quin-Zin and his mechanized unit of Killer Robos destroyed our defenseless forces and captured the crucial planet of Kerama! Without the power and security that She provides to the local quadrant, all of our glorious Empire will be absolutely and utterly defenseless against his inevitable insurgency. You are here to prevent that future! With a blessing from the Holy Space Emperor Kuro Maguro, and the power …

Posted on 2020-Nov-09 (Monday)

New event: Project Snowblind 2 The Serious Revolution is upon us my brothers! No more shall the Shacks of Ihantala be oppressed by the industrialized world. Our success here is but another step towards returning back to our natural Shack state. =============== IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP: - SQUADS: This mission has a squad layout that consists of two fire teams. The Squad Leader controls both fire teams, the 2IC advises the Squad Leader whilst also controlling BLUE …

Posted on 2020-Nov-08 (Sunday)

New event: Sunk Cost Fallacy

With the war dragging, and the eastern front stalling, the world held its breath. US Forces holding a bunker line must be broken, and the German Army will break them. Secure the area, and take that ground. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Objective Based Repo: Main

Posted on 2020-Nov-04 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Spectrum

NATO Forces stationed on Altis have been suddenly and deliberately attacked by native forces. This platoon must counterattack, striking at the enemy's capital to weaken their morale. Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice command is willing to make. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Objective Based Repo: Main

Posted on 2020-Nov-04 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation: Husky

Axis forces have the island of Sicily on lockdown, sinking any allied ship that even dares enter it's waters. Allied Command have begun the preperations for Operation Husky. A large invasion by both the air and sea to throw the enemy off and to take the island for our own, with the intent of taking Italy out of the war for good. =================================================== Respawn: 10 minute respawns :)

Posted on 2020-Oct-29 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Man Doh

As our Empire's grasp on the Pacific grows, so does it's need for resources. The Dutch territories will provide some material for our war machine. We must seize these islands and their airfield, halting enemy forces in the area. May this be the start of a glory filled campaign for the Imperial Paratroopers! ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Objective Based Repo: Main

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