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Posted on 2019-May-21 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Stone Dragon

In 2007, an ultranationalist coup seized power in Moscow. Citing the recent corruption scandal as the justification for their acts, they quickly won over the populace, as bringer of new, better times in Russia. Whoever, the neighbooring countries of the old USSR grew increasingly nervous, as the new government say they'll "bring back the power that russia once had". They quickly went to NATO, in hopes that a possible proctection deal would protect them from any russian invaders. It is now 2008, and war is …

Posted on 2019-May-17 (Friday)

New event: El Presidente's Wild Ride

La Revolución has begun. The people of Lingor have had enough of El Presidente's rule and have taken up arms. Parts of the Lingor army have turned away from El Presidente and have been handing out weapons to the revolutionaries. El Presidente only has one option left - escape. El Presidente, along with his private highly paid mercenaries and a mechanized platoon of the Lingor army still loyal to him, will have to locate a plane on the island while avoiding armed rioters and escape the …

Posted on 2019-May-14 (Tuesday)

New event: Iron Defense

The year is 1945. The soviet army is quickly advancing through Germany ready to end the war. A german wehrmacht platoon attempts to defend an outpost from advancing soviet infantry and tanks long enough for support to arrive. ==================== Prevent instadeath is on with 3x damage resistance. Zeus triggered respawns. Radios only for group leaders. BLENDED repo

Posted on 2019-May-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Red Panda

The People's Republic of China has been in Tembelan for over a year now. The public perception of the PRC has been steadily (de)increasing thanks to the (un)professionalism of our soldiers. We persist in our mission to build infrastructure and improve the lives of these wretched, ungrateful people and further build our business opportunities in the area. After the much required cluster bomb resupply at Tembelan International from the... pacification... mission in Dicuri Rusak we've noticed an increase in …

Posted on 2019-May-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Return of Better Times

With rising tensions between two idelogical extremist groups in the balkan country of Kurstovia, the country is on the brink of a major civil war. Most countries of the EU have withdrawn their ambassadors, closing their embassies. The United States also intended to withdraw their ambassadors, but due to heavy riots in the town the embassy is located in, the evacuation was postponed until a QRF task force from a neighboring NATO country could be assembled. In the meantime the tensions have escalated into a …

Posted on 2019-May-12 (Sunday)

New event: Terryble Timing: Killing Kavala (3.5) REHASH


Posted on 2019-May-11 (Saturday)

New event: Operation: White Soil

Amidst the state of global oil reserves running dry, tension between oil hungry nations, and the earth heating up in a considered amount over the last years, western special forces are being deployed in the Antarctic in order to extract the bio chemist Dr. P. Julian who is currently working at a Chinese base linked with oil extraction. The operation is to stealthily gather intel on the base known as “Jinping”, find and secure research, and extracting the HVT mentioned above, all at night while a blizzard …

Posted on 2019-May-07 (Tuesday)

New event: Koda Kool Kombat 3 : Operation Golden Wind

In 2007, Brazil was elected as the Host country of both, the Olympics of 2016 and the world football cup of 2014. 2 years later, for the next 5 years, the government started a major security campaign to minimize the criminal presence in the cities where the games will be taking place. They all fail horribly with large casualties of civilians and police officers. in 2013, the streets are overtaken by protesters fed up with the terrible living conditions on the country. Chanting words like "the giant is …

Posted on 2019-Apr-29 (Monday)

New event: Communal Mission Making Seminar

Hello and welcome to the Communal Mission Making Seminar! In this special session which will be conducted through Teamspeak 3, Discord, and Arma 3 Eden Editor, we will cover the basics of composing a mission using an existing framework. The theme will be, of course, based on the most communal nation of them all, People's Republic of China! As a result, we'll be making a PRC-themed mission too, piece by piece, in such a way that everyone contributes by learning the tools of the trade. Required items …

Posted on 2019-Apr-28 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Drop Bears

In 1962, after spotting Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba, the US military launches an invasion of Cuba and destroy them. As a response a few months later, Soviet forces invade Turkey and destroy the American missiles stationed there. A few months later, the Soviet army enters Italy through Yugoslavia and engage the NATO forces there with the intention of destroying the American nukes there as well. Not long after, World War 3 fully begins with various battles between various Warsaw pact and NATO forces. It …

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