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Posted on 2021-Jul-25 (Sunday)

New event: Operation North Attack

28 May, 1984. It finally happened, tensions between the west and east have resulted in World War 3. However, Both the USSR and America have not used any nuclear weapons yet hoping to broker a ceasefire eventually. At the start of the hositilies, the USSR and their allies invaded West Germany from both East Germany and Czechoslovakia. USSR started by pushing into West Germany from East Germany, with some success. However, their advance has been halted for now and the time has come to push them back. To do …

Posted on 2021-Jul-25 (Sunday)

New event: Red Tide: Invasion

June, 1953. After the death of Joseph Stalin, Nikita Kruschev takes control of the USSR after eliminating Lavrentiy Beria with the help of Soviet army high command. However, soon after that, the same officers of the Soviet army betray Kruschev, eliminating him and installing a military leadership of the USSR, citing Kruschev's more liberal leadership ideas as "betraying the ideals of the Soviet people". Soon after this, a plan is put together to strike at the Allied forces in Europe to strengthen the …

Posted on 2021-Jul-25 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Breadcrumbs Redux

The Year is 2050. Brexit has occurred. Britain has closed its borders and now preys upon vessels in the channel that dare pass through. An EU Strike Force is forming, and preparing to liberate the British people. To prepare for the major assault, a group is being sent to sabotage early warning systems. Get in, get out, and kick ass. =================================================== Respawn: Objective Based/Mercy Repo: Blended Medical: Standard plus Fractures Extra note: This is a serious-ish op.

Posted on 2021-Jul-19 (Monday)

New event: Mission Making Workshop Part 2

Hello! This event is an out-of-mission workshop seminar whose topic will be the wrapping up of the presentation covered in The subjects covered for this part will be: * Homework Assessment * (Extended) Event Handlers * Setting up the platoon * XEH Player & AI loadouts * Debugging, errors & logs * Testing & consideration for players If you are participating and have not been privy to the first part of the seminar, please read …

Posted on 2021-Jul-19 (Monday)

New event: Moscow Charlie

With war raging in Vietnam, support to our communist allies there must be paramount. While direct support would lead to an international incident, more clandestine operations can occur to further the USSRs interests. A group of Spetsnaz is deployed to the jungle. =================================================== Respawn: Objective Based/Mercy Repo: Blended Medical: Standard plus Fractures Extra note: This is a stealth, and serious mission.

Posted on 2021-Jul-18 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Wet Feet Redux

With US Forces pushing the Russian Army, other NATO partners step in. The French military makes their play behind enemy lines. =================================================== Respawn: Objective Based Repo: Main Medical: Standard plus Fractures

Posted on 2021-Jul-13 (Tuesday)

New event: Oops All Wiesels!

Using their WMDs, the AAF conducts counter-terrorism operations. There will be no survivors. ====================================== Default Medical Respawn: Objective/Mercy Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Jul-11 (Sunday)

New event: Bay of Dogs Invasion Redux

The day has finally come gentlemen. We were forced from our homes, forced from our country, but now we have a chance to fight back. With support and gear from the United States of America, we shall reclaim our home. Our goal is simple. Drive the communists from our shores, and ensure our country a future. =================================================== Respawn: Objective Based, Wave Repo: Main Medical: Standard plus Fractures

Posted on 2021-Jul-10 (Saturday)

New event: White Tigers

June, 1953. Despite the Korean War being in a stalemate and armistice negotiations ongoing, the fighting still continues. Recently, Korean People's Army have deployed artillery in a city controlled by them within range of an American controlled airfield. Repeated KPA artillery barrages on the airfield have already claimed a number of US soldier lives and destruction of several US aircraft. Despite otherwise trying not to risk slowing down the negotiations, US high command authorizes an operation by an …

Posted on 2021-Jul-08 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Cracker Redux

War! Russia and Nato clash! US and allied forces continue to push the Russian forces back. This is the first mission in a campaign to take Chernarus. A US Mechanized force supported by infantry is tasked to be the spearhead into the area. Supported by a, Bradley group and a Logi team, the US forces must take a foothold in the area. Drive the Russians back. They will fight for every inch of territory. We will win. ====================================== Default Medical with Fractures Respawn: Objective …

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