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Posted on 2020-Sep-17 (Thursday)

New event: Operation: Sledgehammer

After successfully capturing the airfield and eliminating the Jap garrison on Katakoula, we've been ordered to continue to push the Japanese off of the Sullivan Islands. Help to push Tojo and Fuckface back to the mainland, and we might just get home in time for Christmas. "You assholes are gonna miss cleanin' out oil barrels pretty soon. You gonna be humpin' up some fuckin' hill.. ..or across a beach, Japs pourin' shit for fire, pissin' your pants, cryin' boo-hoo, wishin' you were back here with nothin' …

Posted on 2020-Sep-16 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation: Starving Dragon

The year is 1943. After the Allied victory at Guadalcanal, Japanese forces were seen retreating back to the next line of islands between us & their homeland. Unfortunately for us, they've set up several airfields on these islands which has given them aerial superiority over the archipelago. Now we, the 1st Marine Division have been ordered to remove the enemy from the islands with force, securing the airfields and destroying any enemy equipment we may come …

Posted on 2020-Sep-11 (Friday)

New event: Delivery Inc.

People are suffering as war takes its toll. Help ease some of this pain with good ol' humanitarian aid. Guided by the UN, a PMC must delivery some supplies to those under oppressive occupation by the REDACTED. Hostile forces will do their best to prevent the PMC from delivering those vital candy bars in this fictional faction funtime scenario. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Waves/Zeus discretion Repo: Blended.

Posted on 2020-Sep-06 (Sunday)

New event: Yellow Fever

August 7th, 1984 The trail dead in Afghanistan, the Diamond Dogs move their attention to the Angola-Zaire border region where a new contract waits, and with it a new lead that may provide some evidence of Cypher's intentions in the region. ========================= Repo: Blended Respawn: Objective-based/Zeus discretion

Posted on 2020-Sep-06 (Sunday)

New event: Fog of War

2020, Caucasus, Kastovia Following increased Russian intervention in the Middle East as US foreign policy shifts into a pullout from the region, a known rogue actor in the Russian military- a General code-named KURTZTOVSKI- has begun producing chemical weaponry at a former Soviet industrial site in the former Eastern Bloc nation of Kastovia. We suspect he intends to utilize the private contractor forces under his personal command to smuggle the gas to a nearby VDV garrison at an airfield- however, with …

Posted on 2020-Sep-01 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Breadwinner

What wins wars? Guns and butter. US troops at multiple FOBs need both, and we are going to provide them. A US convoy will make its way through the jungle, dropping supplies off to FOBs. Nice and simple on paper, but less so in execution. NVA forces have been spotted in the jungles around these FOBs. Expect a wild ride in this convoy through the jungle. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures/Medic Transfusion Only) Respawn: 10m Wave Spawn/Zeus Mercy Waves Repo: Blended

Posted on 2020-Sep-01 (Tuesday)

New event: Shell Valley

The Altian tides of war have grown from a puddle of discontent to a tidal wave of destruction. As the AAF braces for a fight against the world, our friends from Britian has given our troops a daring mission: For our cause to succeed, we need to destroy a series of vital mortar positions in the western valley nearby Agios Konstantinos; more commonly and grimly known as Shell Valley. A mission so bold, yet so daunting no one has seriosuly considered it. Until, our friends gave us a healthy supply of …

Posted on 2020-Sep-01 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Spur

War! Russia and Nato clash! US and allied forces continue to push the Russian forces back. This is the third mission in a campaign to take Chernarus. After previous push to capture the town of Chernogorsk, US forces are trapped behind enemy lines. With the help of air support, the forces must hold the port city until hostiles have ceased their onslaught. With approaching darkness, bad weather, and dwindling supplies, the US forces must fight to hold the town, their survival depends on …

Posted on 2020-Aug-23 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Helljumper

Riots have consumed the island of Stratis. Over the last six months, Stratis' supply routes from the UNSC have been stressed to a breaking point thanks to the Covenant War. The local Colonial Authority post has struggled to maintain order, but with supplies running low, the colony is on the verge of collapse. Several hours ago, a high priority message was received by UNSC High Command. Insurrectionists have taken things into their own hands and have taken both government & military installations to hoard …

Posted on 2020-Aug-22 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Wet Feet

War! Russia and Nato clash! US and allied forces continue to push the Russian forces back. This is the second mission in a campaign to take Chernarus. After previous success, a US Mechanized force supported by infantry continue their assault into Russian territory. Tasked now to attack and secure a port town, the force is reinforced with an aircraft lent to them by the US Marines. To replace the loss of the long range recon team, a new force has been brought in to supplement them. The enemy has had more …

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