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Posted on 2019-Aug-16 (Friday)

New event: Operation Shark Valley (Replay)

NATO forces (players) in the near future go up against CSAT forces in the hopes of retrieving a piece of experimental technology and taking a vital naval outpost. ========================= Terrain: Tanoa Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: ON Revive Lives: OFF Damage Resistance: 2.5x Respawn: Wave Spawn Recommended Pilot Level: Intermediate =========================

Posted on 2019-Aug-08 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Slingshot

The strategic situation of the UNASIRF intervention force in Altis & Stratis has gone splendidly for the first week of its implementation. CSAT has secured the Southeastern side, USA the Northeastern side, EU the Kavala area, and our boys -- the Russian Federation, successfully got the International Airport area up to Kore. Or at least we were supposed to. At around 04:00 the Freedom and Independence Army forces scrambled to push themselves across the middle of our sector. Agios Dionysios, the key …

Posted on 2019-Aug-01 (Thursday)

New event: Peace Deterrence

The MSF have been contracted to rescue a number of Sandinista prisoners being held in a plantation on an island off the coast of Nicaragua. This plantation's proximity to a known Peace Sentinel-controlled research facility makes it of special interest to us, meaning this is a double contract. Rescue the Prisoners, and search the facility for intel. ========================= Repo: Blendedaa Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: ON Damage Resistance: 3.5x Respawn: Objective-based/Zeus …

Posted on 2019-Jul-31 (Wednesday)

New event: Escalation

A military expedition force is opposing the current regime in Livona. The enemy has increased their activity in the region. Your mission is to find all intellegence nodes and successfuly download data. ============ 2x Damage Resistance Prevent Instant Death ON Adv. Medical Light 3 minute respawn This is a mission generating sandbox, comparable to something between liberation and hearts and minds, come check it out.

Posted on 2019-Jul-30 (Tuesday)


Following the events of the first 2 CTN missions on Tanoa, the KPA and their PLA advisors/allies have been almost completely routed in their occupation of the islands, save for a sole surviving stronghold in the northeast. Guarded by the last reserves of KPA regulars and PLA infantry and marines, this region of the main island and a small former resort to its north have been overrun since the initial invasion- but now it is on you to brave the final storm and take back the Tanoan archipelago once and for …

Posted on 2019-Jul-27 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Red Haze (Replay)

Date: 197█-██-██ Location: Island of ██████████, approx. ██ miles off the coast of ██████████████, Vietnam Primary objective: Investigate NVA operations on the island After analyzing aerial surveillance photos taken over ██████████ island, the analysis team has brought to our attention an unusually large presence of NVA personnel on the island. Due to the distance and position from the mainland, the island itself poses no strategic value in the war, so the reason for the amount of NVA personnel on the …

Posted on 2019-Jul-25 (Thursday)

New event: Assault on Morningwood

It sounds like those bandits are gearing up for an attack on our quiet little town, seems like they want revenge for the sheriff killing those bank robbers a few days back. We better grab our weapons and show them what the people of Morningwood are capable of. ==================== Prevent instadeath is off Owning laws of war DLC would be preferable (cause of the hats) BLENDED REPO is required

Posted on 2019-Jul-17 (Wednesday)

New event: NCO Training Seminar: Apology Edition

Have you ever wondered why your convoy keeps exploding? Do you feel like your platoon leader keeps sending you to die? Are you angry that you ran straight into a main battle tank? Do you think you could do your squad leader's job better? Are you a squad leader? Then this training is for you. In this training seminar we will master the art of competent team leading, squad leading, officer duty, and coordination on an operational level. The seminar will cover several chapters: 1) Team-to-Team …

Posted on 2019-Jul-14 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Broken Nest - Load Last Save Edition

The situation in the south ossetian region slowly falls under control. Now it's time for the 'ghosts' to leave the spotlight, and let the troops do their jobs, as NATO troops arrive to support the Georgian Army in taking back lost territory. As they push back the separatist rebels, a stalemate is reached, and both sides take a moment to regroup. The coalition has reached the outskirts of the last rebel base, a Georgian airfield near the north border of the country. With increased diplomatic tension with …

Posted on 2019-Jul-14 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Peaceful War

In the mid-2030s, as the world reels from the effects of climate change and the powers that be exert their will through a revitalized UN to take drastic actions to rectify the crisis, the rogue nation of Takistan refuses to give up drilling for oil. This international dispute escalates to all-out conflict as the TNA's ground troops seize oil fields in the region and begin purposefully pumping mass amounts of crude for the sake of resale onto the black market. This will not stand. The UN will return the …

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