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Posted on 2021-Sep-12 (Sunday)

New event: JOINTOP - Red Snow 2

Place: AFI Event Server/AFI Teamspeak server 160 slots total Mission: One mission with respawn. Russian MSV company with BTR80As assaults British held territory in Finnish Hellanmaa environment. Each side will have limited amount of tickets. Respawn will be MSP based. Roster: How to participate: - Read and follow the guide for participating in the event: …

Posted on 2021-Sep-12 (Sunday)

New event: Training Day

With the rising global threat of CSAT, Greek Forces stationed on Altis conduct training exercises on the salt flats. It seems the trouble in the Mediterranean has almost reached its boiling point. ========= Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.0x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient Medics Only Transfusion Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Objective Repo: Main Extra Note: This is a Campaign Mission.

Posted on 2021-Sep-12 (Sunday)

New event: Arudy Cassino

17th May 1944, the Allied invasion of Italy has been stalled on the Gustav line, with fierce German resistance preventing an Allied breakthrough towards the German Homeland, A centre piece of the Gustav Line, Arudy Cassino, is being used by the Germans to shell Allied lines, Capturing the Monastery would be a great blow to the German defense and could possibly lead to the destruction of German Combat units on the line. =============================== Medical: Standard Respawn: Waves Repo: BLENDED

Posted on 2021-Sep-06 (Monday)

New event: Fisherman Dispute TVT

Two teams of 5 fishing boats with guns each fight near a small Finnish archipelago. Reserve slots will be included if slotting page fills up. ================ Medical: Default Respawn: None Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Sep-05 (Sunday)

New event: Operation: Northern Shield Redux

With the rise of a radical Finland, backed by Russia, Norway and Sweden form a joint battle group to prevent a Finnish attack on their countries. The forests are stained with red as the Nordic brothers clash, pushing through to free their Nordic family. ========= Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient Medics Only Transfusion Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Simkas Bodybag Repo: Main

Posted on 2021-Aug-30 (Monday)

New event: Operation Rogue Re-Run

November. 1964. Belgian citizens and government workers have been taken hostage by communist rebels. A swift response has been organized, and shall be enacted. Save the hostages, kill the rebels. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Mercy Zeus based/Objective Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Aug-29 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Guns4Cash

Macrohard has hired Guns4cash to save their boss during his vacation after he became a target of the Cobra criminal organisation. We go in, get him in the chopper, and fly back home to take our paycheck. ========================= Medical Level: Default, no fractures Damage resistance: 3x Bleeding coef: 0.5x Pain coef: 0.8x Repo: Blended Respawn: NONE until end.

Posted on 2021-Aug-29 (Sunday)

New event: The Suez Calamity

With World War III underway in Europe, many countries not involved in the war start looking for allegiances in either the west or the east, with Egypt being among them. After being refused sale of military arms by both the United States and Britain, Egypt turns to the Soviet Union. Soon, they come to an agreement that the Soviets will provide them with military equipment in exchange for Egypt's help in challenging western control of the region. This results in Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal and closing …

Posted on 2021-Aug-28 (Saturday)

New event: JOINTOP - Northern Winds 2

Place: AFI Event Server/AFI Teamspeak server Mission: Equal numbers and forces of US and RUS meet in the Finnish environment. This is basically respawn based meeting engagement. The area will be quite narrow to keep the fighting concentrated More information here:

Posted on 2021-Aug-25 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Bohemia Counteractive

The greedy CEO of Bohemia Interactive, John Bohemia, has made an update to ArmA 3, turning it into an always-online battle royale with a monthly subscription required to play. This has caused the player numbers to drop, while still making BI ridiculous profit. They have used their money to build up a private security force around their headquarters in Pyrgos, and paying off the local AAF garrison to act as an extension of their private army In response to this, a group of disgruntled ArmA players, …

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