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Posted on 2024-Jul-09 (Tuesday)

New event: The Gouda Raid

Tensions in Africa are at a boiling point. Nation states in constant civil war and strife, as European interests in stability of the region grows as does the looming military intervention. When French aid workers are taken hostage and executed, a response is demanded. On the precipice of full blown war, a raid is launched from allied territory into the now hostile offender. =================================================== Repo: Main Type of Mission: Raid, Serious, French Medical Settings Fractures: …

Posted on 2024-Jul-09 (Tuesday)

New event: May 1940: Fall Gelb

May, 1940. Germany has set its sights on France and the Lowlands, with operation 'Fall Gelb' they invade The Netherlands and Belgium. Can the Dutch army face the eagle, or will they be crushed? ------------------- Repo: Blended Medical: Standard medical Respawn: 2 minute wave

Posted on 2024-Jul-08 (Monday)

New event: Operation Neighbo(u)rino

The world has been taken over by a massively powerful entity. One with technological abilities surpassing our own. One with a massive interdimensional army. None other than Ned Flanders. The only hope left for the greater Medicine Hat Area is a platoon of Canadian Armed Forces soldiers who were safely hidden in a temporal exclusion dome. Will they destroy Flanders' rift stabilizer and save the world? ------------------- Repo: Main Medical: I have not touched medical settings Respawn: 15-minute wave

Posted on 2024-Jul-01 (Monday)

New event: Operation Unknown Bandit

Alien Raiders have been spotted on the world of Kujar 4, they have targeted an archaeology site. A few civilian researchers are currently held captive. Your mission is to teleport down for a search and rescue operation. ------------------- Repo: Blended Respawn: Wave based

Posted on 2024-Jun-30 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Iron Thrust

With a border skirmish leading to growing escalation, NATO and PACT forces clash in Germany. With NATO barely holding the line in the north, PACT forces begin to falter in the south. Seeking to exploit this lull in the south, US and West German forces push into Soviet Occupied territory. The Americans hold back the brunt of the Soviets, as the West Germans push deep behind enemy lines. =================================================== Repo: Main Type of Mission: Mechanized, Raid, Serious Medical …

Posted on 2024-Jun-24 (Monday)

New event: Operation Shining Brass

It's 1963, the Boer rebellion in South Africa has escalated to total war against german colonial governments in Central Africa. To prevent the fascists from taking so much as another inch of ground on the continent, the Organization of Free Nations (OFN) has launched Operation "Shining Brass," a full-force peacekeeping initiative aimed at curbing the escalating violence and ensuring South Africa's Self-determination. Central to this mission was the deployment of the renowned "Cobras Fumantes" – the …

Posted on 2024-Jun-24 (Monday)

New event: Operation Blue Dawn

Since the inconclusive end of the West Russian War in 1958, and the reunification of our motherland in 1970, the Russian people, as well as all captive peoples in Europe have been calling for our army to pick up their guns and march west once again. We have spent decades licking our wounds, and this time we will not be stopped at the gates of Moscow. Under the banner of the Republic, and with albeit only diplomatic backing from the Organization of Free Nations (OFN), Russian boots will be destined to step …

Posted on 2024-Jun-14 (Friday)

New event: Operation Iceberg

After the eventual failure of the Morozian invasion into Iskandian territory, tensions between the nations remain high. After some time, the Morozians begin deploying a massive superweapon, only known to the Iskandians as Iceberg, capable of launching massive high explosive rounds extreme distances. Despite not knowing the Morozian true intentions, the Iskandians decide not to leave anything up to chance and launch a combined naval and air incursion into Morozian land to reach and destroy Iceberg for …

Posted on 2024-Jun-03 (Monday)

New event: Operation Neutered Tiger

China has initiated a naval assault on Pearl Harbor, declaring war on all Pacific nations. In response, a US-led coalition has mounted a full-scale counteroffensive against the PLA forces in the Pacific. This coalition has successfully driven the underprepared PLA naval units back towards mainland China. In support of this effort, a specialized naval detachment from the Japan Self-Defense Forces is set to execute a raid on the Tanoa islands. Their mission is to neutralize PLA air assets, paving the way for …

Posted on 2024-May-26 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Fracture

Someone had to draw the short straw. Someone had to get left behind. With North Korean forces streaming south, holdout units of US forces do their best to hold back the tide long enough for reinforcements. Fortunately some units had been training for such an occasion, and as such were prepared. In one of these training bases turned holdouts, US forces must hold onto as much territory as they can with dwindling supplies, support and manpower. Turn the red …

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