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Posted on 2018-Dec-14 (Friday)

New event: Operation Black Gold

The oil rich island nation of Sahrani has been in good relations with the United States since the 1940s and has been providing them with oil. In the early 1980s, the newly formed Sahrani Nationalist Party started showing disdain for the government under president Amir Al-Fahim and accused him of selling out the country to the Americans. The increasing support for the party from the Sahrani military eventually lead to a coup in 1984 which caused president Al-Fahim to flee the country and General Jafar …

Posted on 2018-Dec-10 (Monday)

New event: STALKER - Patrol 166 - The Zone Blyats back

A regular military patrol into the zone in search of stalker, anomaly and mutant activity towards the small town of Kovrov. The squad is also tasked to search an AWOL squad inside the town which failed to report in on multiple occasions. =================== No respawns (unless getting arma'd or Zeus has merci on your soul), boosted damage threshold, instant death enabled =================== Blended repo will be used! If you played this mission already, please give your slot to someone who has not played it …

Posted on 2018-Dec-10 (Monday)

New event: Operation Siren Song

Mission will be happening on jonoPorter's server reachable at: Requires the following mod(There is Only Warh): ========================= It is the 41st Millennium, somewhere on a planet in the Gothic sector. With the ever present warp storm consuming the sector, xeno scum and heretics devour and destroy an increasing amount of loyal imperial planets. With the Imperial Navy and the Astra Militarum stretched thin throughout …

Posted on 2018-Dec-06 (Thursday)

New event: Terryble Timing: Killing Kavala

ClancyWorks™,The Shit Mission Division of Terry Clancy,LLC™ is proud to present a refresh & update on the time honored Terryble Timing™ IP. With this update we incorporate Terry Clancy's™ updated TerrybleTime Framework™ 2.1 You: "Terry, what does this mean for ME?" With updates to Fortify's event-handler system we are now able to make objects placed be considered "Simple Objects". This should ideally make it less stressful on the server & your client. You: "Does this mean this mission will not have a …

Posted on 2018-Dec-05 (Wednesday)

New event: Rogue Intrusion

April 15th, 1991 The Soviet Union has shattered. In its wake is the Soviet Independent Zone; a wasteland of broken nations cast from the ruins of Eastern Europe. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is just one such nation, surviving on the back of a criminal underground-gone rampant. In the Black Sea, high-seas piracy is now the key money-maker for the UkrSSR. Using funds and equipment from the military itself, illegal boarding and shipbreaking operations have become the scourge of shipping from …

Posted on 2018-Dec-04 (Tuesday)

New event: Evil in Abdera

Your mission is to to stop the evil terrorists from using the town of Abdera as their hub of operations! Who knows what they're up to, but regardless, take out all the enemy inside Abdera, and find any evidence of warcrimes committed by them. ---------- Admin's note: expect shit to be broke this wednesday

Posted on 2018-Nov-27 (Tuesday)

New event: Kool Kombat: Operation Dionysius

The Year is 204X. After joining forces with CSAT against OPFOR on a war that is now engulfing the entire planet, Brazil suffered a surprise strike from the criminal organization Primeiro Comando Central. The PCC, with its illegal backing from Russia, stole a Bardelas SPAAG that was stored in a Brazilian military base. Not just that, they kidnapped next in line of succession for the Brazilian dictatorship, then fled towards Altis. Since most CSAT forces are focused on the actual war, its the job of a …

Posted on 2018-Nov-26 (Monday)

New event: FOB 'Plagia' Day-1

First day of a series of scenarios following the events of the AAF platoon currently stationed at FOB 'Plagia' close to Agios Dionysios. -------------------------- It is important to note that while I'm planning on doing several days of these type of FOB scenarios especially this first one is kind of experimental as I'm trying to go for a different type of play-style than usual, mostly just to see if this is something that turns out well and people would like to see more scenarios like that. Some …

Posted on 2018-Nov-24 (Saturday)

New event: Autonomous Dawn (REPLAY)

THIS IS A REPLAY MISSION THE CONTENT HAS BEEN REBALANCED AND UN-BADDENED ========================================== The year is 2063. Drones have been in wide use in various militaries for several decades. Several wars have been fought entirely with drones. Military drone networks have all been very secure until now. A terrorist group known as the BGA somehow managed to hack into the drone network and were able to take control of them. They have used the hacked drones to take over the island of Tanoa, …

Posted on 2018-Nov-15 (Thursday)

New event: BMP Madness

Players have agreed to join up in a little bit of VR fun in their favorite map using nothing but BMPs and the sidearms on their belts! ------------------ Players are organized into BLUFOR and OPFOR sides with blue and red BMP-2s respectively. There is a 15 second wait to allow players to organize into 3 man BMPs if they really want to. Either kill all of the enemies or bleed the enemy's tickets down to 0 by capturing a zone while in a BMP in the middle of the AO to win. The time limit is 15 …

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