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Posted on 2017-Nov-14

New event: The Hand That Feeds

The corporate cycle reigns supreme in the world. On Malden island, this is no different. Malden is part of a major energy supply grid owned and operated by the Chinese company Agola Solar Ltd. However as tensions rise between China and the European Network, corporations around the European region have been lobbying their respective governments to lock out the likes of Agola. One week ago, the Agola Solar security detail on Malden was sighted digging around in the island's restricted quarantine …

Posted on 2017-Nov-07

New event: Operation Poseidon

Tuesday, 6 June 1944. As Operation Neptune is commencing, allied command has ordered our platoon to launch a swift strike against a set of beach fortifications. Our goals are to destroy a set of Flak Cannons causing issues with the Air Force and to kill the SS Commander in charge.

Posted on 2017-Nov-03

New event: Operation Burning Flag

This charade of the Sahrani Government has gone on for long enough. Our repeated messages seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as the American Troops stationed on our proud Island only keep reinforcing their stranglehold. It is time for action; we will strike at the American invaders with the help of our comrades abroad. The Russian government has provided us with state of the art equipment and sent a Spetznaz GRU team to support our Operation in exchange for any classified American Intel we happen to come …

Posted on 2017-Nov-02

New event: Operation Chopsticks

We're making our final push into CSAT territory. Broadsword takes the eastern flank along with the airfield while your platoon enters the northwestern part, the main goal being Lenzburg harbor, while securing objectives along the way. CSAT forces are spread thin to cover both flanks but resistance might tough at certain key areas.

Posted on 2017-Oct-26

New event: Jungle Highway Int. 3: Straight to Hell

[INFORMATION REDACTED] THIS IS AN INTERLUDE MISSION. The outcome and information gathered will bear an effect on the Campaign in progress. DR 3, Prevent Instant Death Enabled, NO RESPAWN

Posted on 2017-Oct-24

New event: Jungle Highway Ch. 4: Masters of War

The time is now, Air Cavalry. With our path cut clear through the frontlines of the AOR, Task Force Spearhead has nearly completely blocked off that fucker Charlie's reinforcements from reaching Khe Sanh. This is a turning point for our operation, and if we do what we do best, we'll make sure to end this mission in no time. In order to crack the remaining foothold that the Vietnamese have established along the Tonle river, a combined attack is necessary. The United States Marine Corps has already started …

Posted on 2017-Oct-21

New event: Fog of Horrors: A Gasmask Dilemma

A tremor of unknown origin has struck the island of Altis. Fog has consumed the area of operations originating from a resarch facility working ona classified program. This is to be considered a hostile CHEMICAL ATTACK by an UNKNOWN AGGRESSOR and as such. Now NATO and Civilians are fighting for a chance to escape. Gas Masks are required to pass beyond the red squared zone or death is guaranteed. Victory is either achieved through eliminating all hostiles or one person extracting to a teams extraction …

Posted on 2017-Oct-20

New event: Jungle Highway Int. 2: Bad Moon Rising

[INFORMATION REDACTED] THIS IS AN INTERLUDE MISSION. The outcome and information gathered will bear an effect on the Campaign in progress. DR 3, Prevent Instant Death Enabled, NO RESPAWN

Posted on 2017-Oct-19

New event: Zaros Urban Warfare

At 01:00 this morning CSAT sent a declaration of war and simultanously launched an invasion of Altis. On the world stage we stand alone - David against Goliath. We hold our own, but for how long? Sigma 4-1 and 4-2 have become encircled whilst evacuating citizens from the town of Zaros, as the closest units avaliable we must break that encirclement and return toward friendly lines before a stronger enemy force arrives. Ready? Let's push these bugs back into the Aegean!

Posted on 2017-Oct-17

New event: Boots Were Made For Walking

Charlie has been hammering NB Pyle with hidden artillery from inside the jungle ever since the Marine Corps pushed into the NVA's northern sector. That is why the Light Infantry is being sent on a Search and Destroy mission across the river. The goal is to find any VC positions and destroy them. Start off by crossing the Tonle River and then set off on foot through the villages. Make a sweep of their defensive positions and then get into the jungle before Chamkar Yeak. There's a Base Area triangle in that …

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