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Posted on 2021-May-04 (Tuesday)

New event: The Ruegen GP

It's time for the inaugural FPA1 Red Gull Ruegen GP. This is a mistake but who knows, we might get a full season or this will be terrible. leggo =================================================== Special Notes: -This should be obvious but you need the karts dlc, hitup the merchants guild for that sweet 50p dlc -AAN news is for you streamers out there. -Whilst this is supposed to be a meme, please don't come here with the intent of driving into each other. -Pit crew are primarily just interactive …

Posted on 2021-May-04 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Syrian Shield

With the civil war in Syria raging on, Russian forces have decided to take a more direct approach to their support of the regime. With Russian Forces now in Syria officially, peacekeeping Operation Syrian Shield is now in full swing. ====================================================== Default Medical with Splints Respawn: Objective Based and Mercy Repo: Main

Posted on 2021-May-03 (Monday)

New event: The Battle For Nadbór

In order to win the battle for Livonia, we must take over the heart of the country; Nadbór. The area is packed to the brim with federal troops and conscripts, so we're in for a big fight. ====================================================== Player Faction: Livonian Citizen's Army Enemy Faction: Livonian Defence Forces Medical: Player Critical Damage Threshold: 4.25 Cardiac Arrest Time: 10 mins Bleeding Coefficient: 0.7 Other Stuff: Tinters Furniture is on Respawn: 15 minute waves Repo: …

Posted on 2021-May-02 (Sunday)

New event: SALTSTORM

CSAT Forces are pushing through our lines. Counterattack and cripple them while they are distracted. ====================================================== Default Medical Respawn: Objective Based and Mercy Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Apr-26 (Monday)

New event: The Pink Panthers

26 July 1942: The War in Northern Africa rages on. With Allied Forces being forced back further and further into British Egypt by the infamous Afrika Korps, a unit of British Commandos have been assembled in order to reek havoc behind the Frontline. They are, 'The Pink Panthers'.

Posted on 2021-Apr-26 (Monday)

New event: Frostbite

Every nation has its dissidents, how the government reacts to them defines them. One such group has militarized themselves, and possibly seized a state run airfield. Its time to solve this dissident problem, aggressively. ====================================================== Default Medical with Fractures Respawn: Objective Based Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Apr-20 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Boulder

The not long or await sequel to Operation Chisel has arrived! KINGDOM Forces, after a successful infiltration and sabotage of enemy positions, moves to assault the small island nation of REDACTED. Their goal? Steal a highly advanced VTOL. With support from local resistance, KINGDOM shall strike. ====================================================== Default Medical with Fractures Respawn: Progress based Repo: Main VTOL Expert is there to fly the Y-32 Xi'an that is being stolen. You do not start with …

Posted on 2021-Apr-18 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Monsoon

21st February 1985 - The history of our great country has been fraught with conflict, and even with the ousting of the American invaders we have yet more threats at our borders. KPNLF guerrillas have harrassed and attacked the forces that were put in place to ensure that Cambodia remains peaceful, that ends now, an infantry platoon will enter the region and pacify their base within, searching for and destroying them if you will. ========================= Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Apr-16 (Friday)

New event: Redline 6 - JOINT OP

!!THIS IS A JOINT OP TVT EVENT!! Expected around 100 players in total. This mission will NOT take place on the FPArma server, it will NOT use the FPArma modpack and you MUST use another launcher to download the mods! As of the posting of this FPArma internal sign up, we have reserved 10 slots for us. We will draw the participating people a few weeks before the event. The reserved slots are BLUFOR Alpha 1, an infantry squad. More info and slot up in this …

Posted on 2021-Apr-13 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Cíara

Player Faction: Lingoran Especas Enemy Faction: Lingoran National Front Dec 18th, 2024 Exiled Lingoran especas return to their homeland to start a resistance against the fascist regime currently running the country. Supported, armed and trained by Western nations, their objective is to rid the country of their oppressors, and once again establish democracy in the nation of Lingor. A section of especas are being sent out to raid the town of Victorin and eliminate a top enemy general who hold both a lot of …

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