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Posted on 2019-Apr-18 (Thursday)

New event: Darkness in the Jungle

Close to the end of the Vietnam war, the CIA sends a small platoon of Marines into the jungle to investigate increased Vietcong activity and determine possible Russian involvement. ========================= Blended Repo Medical Level: Advanced Lite Prevent Instant Death: ON Damage Resistance: 3x One Respawn

Posted on 2019-Apr-17 (Wednesday)

New event: The Final Charge

After taking massive casualties, remnants of a soviet infantry division are waiting very close to a German army outpost. If they can make one final charge, make it past the German defense lines and capture the German outpost, they could call in reinforcements and possibly retake the area. Will they make Mother Russia proud? ==================== BLENDED repo will used. Prevent instadeath is off with no respawns. Mission is pretty short but quite difficult, it'll probably take a few replays to finish.

Posted on 2019-Apr-14 (Sunday)

New event: Sunday Drive 2: London's Callin

It appears we're not quite done yet. The Queen has been on the phone again, she wants to get Prince Harry back to the UK. We've been ordered to take back the international airport, remove the russian presence, refuel the c-130s there and get back to the UK just in time for Eastenders. REPO IS MAIN ========================= Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: On Damage Resistance: 3x Respawn: Zeus respawn waves on objective completion/how much you boys get fucked

Posted on 2019-Apr-12 (Friday)

New event: Operation Coming Lighting

Australian forces, consisting of a single mechanized rifle platoon attached to the Royal Australian Regiment, have been tasked with assaulting the south-west coast of Altis in the wake of an unprovoked attack on NATO peacekeepers by the AAF. Their primary objectives are to eliminate a high value target located in Zaros and cripple the enemy's airborne capabilities by capturing a nearby airfield. U.S., Canadian, and British forces will likewise coordinate attacks on targets of high-value across the island, …

Posted on 2019-Apr-08 (Monday)

New event: Hostages of Peace

Okay, so this is it. Miller just sent me the details on the operation we are to conduct on Malden while he directs another operation on Altis. We are to perform a multi-stage operation which includes taking a CSAT FOB, destroying a CSAT convoy and rescuing elected Malden officials. Miller has been able to recruit the USS Liberty for this mission, from which where we will begin our operation. The first goal will be to quietly capture a CSAT FOB located on a small island just off Malden to the north-west. …

Posted on 2019-Apr-07 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Black Crab Down

Sorry lads, the queen's been on the phone. Her little shit of a grandson managed to get himself shot down over Kavala, no doubt balls deep in a mug of Yorkshire Tea at the time. We've been ordered to enter Kavala, eliminate the AA & Artillery presence, rescue the bastard and get back in time before Last call. REPO IS MAIN ========================= Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: On Damage Resistance: 3x Respawn: Zeus respawn waves on objective completion/how much you boys get fucked

Posted on 2019-Apr-03 (Wednesday)

New event: Lost Paradise

You're a group of Alliance marines tasked with the protection of a research outpost on a classified planet, tasked with the highly classified research of Prothean artifacts. Considering how remote the research outpost is, it is unlikely that there will be any major incidents. THIS WILL HAPPEN ON ANOTHER SERVER! SERVER INFO: ARMA SERVER IP: ========================= MOD REQUIRED: Running main along with the mod, has been …

Posted on 2019-Apr-02 (Tuesday)

New event: Fortress of Ice: Redux

A group of highly trained and very well funded terrorists have recently stolen several nuclear weapons. According to some Intel we've received, the nuclear weapons were being kept in an old fortress that's been converted into a weapons storage facility. Unfortunately, we also have Intel that says the weapons were moved somewhere else, but we don't know where. Our main objective is accessing the records of the facility should be able to tell us where the weapons have been taken. The ground route into the …

Posted on 2019-Mar-29 (Friday)

New event: Rocky Fall

Your platoon's helicopter has just been taken out, you've made it out of the helicopter crash, and now a ton of guys are unloading on your position, make your last stand. ======================== Medical Level: Basic Prevent Instant Death: OFF Revive Lives: OFF Damage Resistance: 3.0x Respawn: OFF

Posted on 2019-Mar-27 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Shark Valley

NATO forces (players) in the near future go up against CSAT forces in the hopes of retrieving a piece of experimental technology and taking a vital naval outpost. ========================= Terrain: Tanoa MARKSMAN SLOTS REQUIRE MARKSMAN DLC Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: ON Revive Lives: OFF Damage Resistance: 2.5x Respawn: Wave Spawn Recommended Pilot Level: Intermediate ========================= Due to time-changes in some countries, it is advised to double check the OP time to prevent …

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