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Posted on 2021-Jan-17 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Diamondhead

With the evolution of warfare into the 2020s, Mercenary groups have risen to power as many governments weapon of choice. The cost of paying others to fight their wars, rather than face the cost of the blood of their countrymen. Smaller, less fortunate nations face the brunt of these groups regularly. Today the country of [REDACTED] is poised to be taken over by its more wealthy neighbor. They will not allow this. With a nuclear device now known to be in their possession, they intend to detonate this …

Posted on 2021-Jan-15 (Friday)

New event: War Plan Tan

The War on Terror continues. With US Forces engaged on missions throughout the middle east, intelligence gathering about their enemy is an ever important job. Unfortunately, some of the "sources" the US have been using, have been found out and captured. The mission is simple, extract these contacts for debrief. ----------------- Medical: Standard with fractures Respawns: None Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Jan-15 (Friday)

New event: The Red Threat

1986, Germany. World War 3 rages on. The Soviets in this area are on their last legs. There are only a few towns left that are still under their control and that will end tonight. Your unit was dropped behind enemy lines and has made it to rally point Archer near those Soviet controlled towns. Now all you have to do is eliminate the last soviets here, destroy their radar, kill an officer and NATO forces will once again have control over this region. Good luck out there. ==================== Repo: …

Posted on 2021-Jan-10 (Sunday)

New event: Thirty To Tango

Alright, boy, this is going to be a fun one. The MPLA clique in Angola has hired our services to extend security to their Northern border with the not-quite-country of Zaire. We got this contract because the latter's dictator, Mobutu, has for all intents and purposes let his own army fund its anti-guerilla operations in East Zaire by marauding and looting villages around The Congo. Due to the fact that they've already pillaged absolutely everything that there was left to pillage on their side of the …

Posted on 2021-Jan-10 (Sunday)

New event: Giant Robot OVA Special

OVA: Original Video Animations. Usually found in Japan and East Asia, these usually come with standalone stories and varying levels of budget and quality. ====== The following is taken from promotional material: 'Straight from Doujin Jump to your own television for the first time ever! The greatest robot action since Baby At The Maxx on two glorious tapes!’ “The Space Rangers have found themselves in an incredible issue! On a routine patrol around the Horseshoe Nebula, they receive a distress signal …

Posted on 2021-Jan-09 (Saturday)

New event: The last War

2 months have passed since the 'event'. We still have no idea what happened exactly, nuclear war, a solar flare or something completely different? The only thing that is certain is that the world has fallen silent. 2 months of complete radio and satellite silence from high command or anyone else for that matter. No boats have arrived, no submarines either and there is not enough fuel left to get us off this godforsaken island. All that we have left is to execute our last orders: Defeat the TLA …

Posted on 2021-Jan-05 (Tuesday)

New event: JOINT OP - Redline 5

!!THIS IS A JOINT OP TVT EVENT!! Expected around 100 players in total. This mission will NOT take place on the FPArma server, it will NOT use the FPArma modpack and you MUST use another launcher to download the mods! As of the posting of this FPArma internal sign up, we have reserved 5 slots for us. The reserve slots on this sign up will be used in case someone in the main squad needs to drop out or if we get a chance to get more slots on short notice closer to the event itself. The reserved slots are …

Posted on 2021-Jan-03 (Sunday)

New event: Operation: Northern Shield

With the rise of a radical Finland, backed by Russia, Norway and Sweden form a joint battle group to prevent a Finnish attack on their countries. The forests are stained with red as the Nordic brothers clash, trying to break through the main Finnish line. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Objective Repo: Main No BFT

Posted on 2021-Jan-03 (Sunday)

New event: The Wasp's Nest

A non WW2 op from Sully? World's gone mad. The mission is simple, a nice easy prison break. Command have received word that an important contact was taken prisoner by Chinese forces and is due to be executed shortly. With tensions between ourselves and the Chinese having seen better days, we've been asked to do this without disturbing the hornet's nest. =================================================== Respawns: NONE Repo: BLENDED

Posted on 2020-Dec-28 (Monday)

New event: Sunday Stroll

With the Cold War going hot in the late 80s, NATO Forces have swept across Europe and now push into the Soviet Union. The rapid liberation of territory was not without issue. Pockets of Soviet Troops and rogue vehicle elements linger behind the new front-line. Job today is simply to clear some of those out, as well as a main road that these remnants have mined. Should be uneventful, after all its just a nice Sunday Stroll through the woods. -------- Repo: Main Medical: Standard BFT: No Respawn: Objective …

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