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Posted on 2019-Dec-01 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Swift Resolve

North Vietnam's recent invasion by the United States has seen its allies, previously content to covertly fund endless proxy wars, strike back nakedly against the west, with multiple fronts being opened in previously dormant warzones, from Korea to Germany. One such front is the region of Chernarus, strategically valuable to the Soviets, a U.S. Marine amphibious landing force is on the way in order to gain a foothold in the region. ========================= Repo: MAIN Medical Level: Adv Lite Prevent …

Posted on 2019-Nov-27 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Clean House

In the words of Captain Price, "Bravo 6, going dark." We've recieved intel on the location of Al-Sundeh. We've been given the green light to capture him in order to hold him accountable for the crimes commited in his name. We'll be heading in through the cover of night, landing 500m from the compound walls. We'll push in, take out Al-Sundeh's men and capture him alive. If all goes well, we'll take Al-Sundeh back to the embassy for questionining. Relations between the US & locals are somewhat tense, so …

Posted on 2019-Nov-18 (Monday)

New event: Livonian Waltz

THIS IS THE CONTACT DLC TRIAL MISSION CONTACT DLC IS REQUIRED ============ After the recent international incident in the Nadbor region of Livonia, the Livonian Defense Forces have been putting the entirety of Nadbor on heavy lockdown, in spite of confirmed alien presence and attempts at security intrusions by NATO, CIS and CSAT. One consequence of this is the fact that the Livonian Air Defense complex got a little cocky and "accidentally" shot down a US Air Force stealth surveillance vehicle with …

Posted on 2019-Nov-18 (Monday)

New event: Operation Hot Potato

We got our hands on information regarding the last location Abdul Ahmali visited. If we act fast we might gain intel on his current hideout, enabling us to capture him. ========================= Medical Level: Advanced Lite Prevent Instant Death: OFF Revive Lives: OFF Damage Resistance: 4x Adv. Stamina: Enabled Respawn: Objective Based Respawn Repo: Main - ACRE + TFAR Additional Info: - Will be played on diwakos server - Teamspeak will be the usual - TFAR beta on steam: …

Posted on 2019-Nov-15 (Friday)

New event: Operation Typhoon

In the midst of Operation Tempest, elements of the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade find themselves rushing to complete their objective as enemy forces encroach on the location of their plane crash. ========================= Blended repo Medical Level: Advanced lite Prevent Instant Death: OFF Damage Resistance: 3x Single objective-based respawn This is on Livonia so contact is needed!

Posted on 2019-Nov-12 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Second Sun

The Ultranationalist forces hit harder then we could ever expect. Emergency protocols are in effect and we've began to evacuate civilians out of harms way. Our job is to ease the amount of fire on the evacuation sites, and push through heavy resistance to secure several key locations. The USAF have been given instructions to level the town if we don't secure these sites in time. Keep your heads down, move quickly and help us take Kavala back. ========================= Medical Level: Advanced-Lite Prevent …

Posted on 2019-Nov-10 (Sunday)

New event: Op Clean Sweep

Following the end of the Syrian conflict in 2021, many IS extremists merged with a rising terrorist group in Kujari, al-Tamarud. Intelligence agencies continued to assess the situation and labelled the threat as negligible, how wrong they were. In late 2021, several attacks on European soil sparked panic amongst neighbouring countries. Now, intelligence suggest the next target is the UK. Hamdan Al-Masrahi is the leader of the al-Tamarud. Just like IS, they publicise executions, involving torture and …

Posted on 2019-Nov-06 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Automated Demise

Paramilitary forces calling themselves 'The Syndikat' have captured a part of Tanoa and are now fiercely defending it against any attempt of the local army trying to take it back. As if that wasn't enough, recently drones originating from within that captured territory have been tipping the balance of fights in the Syndikats favor. With the military having their hands full with the defense of their own territories, they have contracted a PMC unit to locate and destroy the enemy drone factory and find any …

Posted on 2019-Nov-05 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Tidy Up

It's been a few days since our benefactors in the CSAT coalition involved themselves in our great strike against NATO. However, due to recent events on the mainland, they have asked us to send in a team to ‘handle’ the remaining issues in Stratis. You and your team are going to report to Colonel Augustir at the town of Agia Marina. He will then direct you toward a few areas of interest for CSAT to clear and clean out. With your skills, and your 2 helicopter transport gunships, this should be easy. …

Posted on 2019-Nov-05 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Paladin

It's the 2020s. Following decades of meddling by Moscow in the politics of Eastern Europe, the so-called "Chedaki Spring" has begun- pro-Russian militants have risen up in several states and begun campaigns of anti-EU terror. NATO, struck by the sudden outbreak of guerilla warfare on their borders, has no choice but to intervene. Your Croatian Army platoon has been deployed to Bystrica as part of this multi-national operation. Intelligence agents have pinpointed signals from an unknown source to the …

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