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Posted on 2019-Jan-14 (Monday)

New event: Operation Crashed Pegasus

During the invasion of Altis, NATO forces stage a daring air assault to open a second front. The air assault ends in a disaster with most of the to be deployed troops killed by unexpected, heavy anti-aircraft fire. Although, not all hope for the offensive is lost, as the scattered survivors quickly scramble to regroup and push forward with the daring plan. Their top priorites are to regroup and then disable multiple joint AAF/CSAT installations. ====================== 4x Damage Resistance Prevent instant …

Posted on 2019-Jan-10 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Heavenly Escort

MAIN REPO ============================================================================== Several (3) rather short missions on Malden where players play as US SOCOM operators. 1st Scenario: Hostages must be rescued from an enemy held compound. 2nd Scenario: Important Intel must be found and downloaded behind enemy lines. 3rd Scenario: CONDOR3 with CHARLIE have been shot down somewhere close to a town and must stay alive in it until rescued by other …

Posted on 2019-Jan-10 (Thursday)

New event: Falcon Down

Description - Enemy insurgents have shot down one of our Blackhawk helicopters over the walled city of Porto. Using a gunship as support, a platoon has been ordered to enter Porto, destroy the wreckage and rescue any surviving crew members. Insurgents have dug in deep over the last 12 hours, so expect them to put up a fight once we enter the city. MISSION DETAILS: Respawn will be done by Zeus or Admin. 3x Player Resistance Instant death prevention is enabled.

Posted on 2019-Jan-03 (Thursday)

New event: Benefactors of Man

Mission will be happening on jonoPorter's server reachable at: Requires the following mods: Chernarus Redux: The Uprising: Half Life 2 mod: CSLeaders Combine Uniforms: ========================= It has been a couple of years since colorful portal storms started tearing our earth apart and with …

Posted on 2019-Jan-03 (Thursday)

New event: Dawn of Vanquish

There have been reports of rebel forces massing around the Iraqi controlled air force base in Northen takistan. Without infantry support, the risk of losing control of the surrounding areas is increasing. Iraqi ground forces (us) have been ordered to relocate to the airbase in the early morning, so we can prepare for upcoming missions in the area. The convoy was set to arrive in the base in less than an hour. However the convoy has been ambushed by an unknown force of an unknown size. All the vehicles …

Posted on 2018-Dec-31 (Monday)

New event: Operation Street Fighter 2

The US Army has controlled our sovereign island of Altis for too long! CROTACTICAL has started their counterattack this week and the units of the 14th Infantry Division have been tasked to capture the city of Kavala after the 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade failed to make significant ground against the US Army's 1st Infantry Division and lost multiple vehicles in the process. While the infantry of the Mechanized Brigade are regrouping and reorganizing after significant losses, the remaining assets of the …

Posted on 2018-Dec-27 (Thursday)

New event: Invasion Inc

We've been given a pretty significant contract by the Molatian government. They want us to invade Afrene and clear out a few towns to create a path for the Molatian military to move in. This won't be easy, as the Afrenian military is backed by several NATO countries and so they're fairly well equipped with a variety of western military equipment, but we don't expect the Afrenians to be particularly well trained. The money that the Molatians make from their oil fields and diamond mines allows them to pay us …

Posted on 2018-Dec-26 (Wednesday)

New event: The Cobra and The Mongoose

Intelligence operatives on the small island of Porto have noticed a major build up in military activity and assets. Several shipments of arms, ammunition, buildings, and vehicles have been observed being unloaded at Porto's main docks. Our intelligence operatives have managed to identify that Russia seems to be the country of origin for a majority of the shipments, and they have even observed Russian soldiers and logistics crews operating in the area. While all of this is worrying, the worst news has yet …

Posted on 2018-Dec-25 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Silent Night

Mission will be happening on jonoPorter's server reachable at: Requires the following mods (Star Wars Opposition Main): (Star Wars Opposition Maps): ========================= Two Republic Commando teams land on a planet to perform sabotage to make way for a full scale Republic Invasion of the …

Posted on 2018-Dec-25 (Tuesday)

New event: Bretheren of Steel

Mission will be happening on jonoPorter's server reachable at: Requires the following mod (There is Only War !BETA 4!): ========================= Word of our struggle with the forces of chaos on the planet of Exodia has reached the Blood Ravens Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes and they are sending a team of their finest. Until they arrive we must hold the line and repel any chaos forces advancing on our …

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