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Posted on 2020-Jul-06 (Monday)

New event: Operation Tidy Up (Redux)

It's been a few days since our benefactors in the CSAT coalition involved themselves in our great strike against NATO. However, due to recent events on the mainland, they have asked the field office to send two teams to “handle” any remaining issues on Stratis. You and your team are going to report to Colonel Augustir at the town of Agia Marina. He will then direct you toward a few areas of interest for CSAT to clear and clean out. With your skills, and your 2 helicopter transport gunships, this should …

Posted on 2020-Jun-24 (Wednesday)

New event: Tango Sierra

Tango Sierra was a classified unit within MACV-SOG operating out of a covert forward operating base in Vietnam, near the Laotian border. The primary objective of Tango Sierra was investigating Soviet activity in the area both in Vietnam and across the border in Laos. This included investigating reports of spotted Soviet advisors, as well as locating and destroying shipments of Soviet weapons to the NVA and Viet Cong in country. ==================== Mission is somewhat linear and scripted, so team leader …

Posted on 2020-Jun-16 (Tuesday)

New event: Expeditus Carnifex

The planet Kujar-4, an insignificant desolate world orbiting a White Dwarf features little outside of the harvesting of its crystals. These crystals are controlled by the various roving nomadic groups that strip whatever they can off this planet. It is this backwater that now has our interest in fulfilling the glorious Quest for Knowledge. An ancient Battle Mech has been uncovered and it is a race against time to secure it before the local desperadoes moving in can steal it from us. For the Machine …

Posted on 2020-Jun-15 (Monday)

New event: The Siege of Bastogne

Surrounded, cut off and low on supplies, a division of the 101st Airborne, you, must hold Bastogne until backup arrives. German forces have you spread thin and it's only a matter of time before they start an offensive. Write letters to your loved ones, make peace with your gods, and prepare to put everything on the line to stop the Germans in their tracks. =============================================== Respawns – Limited, zeus discretion. Damage resistance – 3 Medical - Standard w/ FRACTURES ENABLED, …

Posted on 2020-Jun-07 (Sunday)

New event: Operation: Ursine Wrath

Late winter, 1943. The bloody mayhem of the Eastern Front rages on. Your platoon of Soviet conscripts has been stuck close to the frontline as the Germans close in. Cut off from deeper logistics and with waning morale, your Party officials have deemed it necessary to wage one last, valiant counterassault against the incoming hostile forces. With the promise of looted food and supplies, your task is simple- push back the invaders from your homeland. The Party will be …

Posted on 2020-Jun-01 (Monday)

New event: Operation Loose(r) Ends

Despite what the world may say, we are not savages, we don't kill civilians. We use precision. There's an evil man hiding in these shadows and we're gonna bring him into the light. Once his face is revealed, we will write history, gentlemen. We’ve found the last two safe havens left on Earth for Sulleh and his men. An impossible task for most, but not for the one four one. A 50/50 chance of getting this bastard, so we’ll be sending two squads to each location* We will cut off all avenues of escape. This …

Posted on 2020-May-28 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Blue Gate

In 2012 an uprising in Nigeria named OSSO was formed to depose the current government, After years of war and many casualties, The OSSO forces have been reduced to small strongholds in the Kujari Area, Two days ago, OSSO forces in Nigeria captured Local Leader Obaba Okoronko as a show of force. The Nigerian Government has responded by deploying your Platoon A detachment of the 131st Infantry Brigade to locate and secure Obaba. ================ Medical: Advanced Repo: Blended Respawn: Zeus Based Insta …

Posted on 2020-May-27 (Wednesday)

New event: (REPLAY) Cork the Norks III

Following the events of the first 2 CTN missions on Tanoa, the KPA and their PLA advisors/allies have been almost completely routed in their occupation of the islands, save for a sole surviving stronghold in the northeast. Guarded by the last reserves of KPA regulars and PLA infantry and marines, this region of the main island and a small former resort to its north have been overrun since the initial invasion- but now it is on you to brave the final storm and take back the Tanoan archipelago once and for …

Posted on 2020-May-14 (Thursday)

New event: Operation: Giant's Step WW2 REDUX

One week ago, German forces landed on the French colony of Malden, and it's safe to say, the residing defence force were snuffed out pretty quick. A Company of men, (us), have been peeled away from the main invasion force for Operation Overlord to help claim this territory back. Our objective, establish a beachhead north of Malden near the town of Lolisse. Eliminate enemy forces, secure a foothold for reinforcements and strike the enemy where it hurts. Shortly after 0400 hours, we'll be landing on the …

Posted on 2020-May-08 (Friday)

New event: Siege of Georgetown

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tanoa is in chaos. The Syndikat organized crime group has exploded into full rebellion, with the weakened Horizon Islands Defense Force struggling to defeat the insurgents. Within a month, the People's Republic of China jumps on the situation, seeing a way to expand its power in the Pacific- and in doing so, backs up their new friends in Syndikat with a PLA expeditionary force and weapons shipments. As such, the HIDF is barely holding on- retreating to the outer …

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