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Posted on 2020-Oct-25 (Sunday)

New event: Saturday Night Fright

Alright, fellas, this is going to be a tough pill to swallow, so hear me out. A week ago the tax men from Des Moines failed to return from the town of Polana, Livonia County, Iowa to collect the yearly dues for '69. We thought they got lost and gave the town a look-see, but nothing turned up so we forwarded it upstairs. Since then the situation escalated... quite a bit. There's been no phone contact with Polana, no inbound traffic came and no outbound traffic returned. Here's where it gets weird. The …

Posted on 2020-Oct-23 (Friday)

New event: Garbage Day

A bunch of men are tired. This hard men want to get some. Get some what? Get some other men off. Off their island. Time to rally the bros and kick some dudes. Should be some good fun with guns and the bros. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: 15 Minute waves. Repo: Blended

Posted on 2020-Oct-18 (Sunday)

New event: Operation: Desert Lion

Al-Sulleh is back at it again with the IED manufacturing or so we believe thanks to fresh intel. We've been ordered to go for a Drive, conveniently taking place on a Sunday. Locate Al-Sulleh's IED factories, kill his men, and maybe, just maybe, we'll lure the bastard out. =================================================== Respawn: 15 minute respawns :)

Posted on 2020-Oct-17 (Saturday)

New event: Saturday Night Lights

The war in Vietnam hasn't been perfect so far. Our forces are stretched thin, our weapons aren't worth shit. We weren't trained to fight in any environments like this. Nonetheless, we're here, and we've got a job to do. Company CO's sending out understrength patrols all over the AO; they're getting picked off left and right. This cannot happen to us. Charlie's in the bush, but we've got a vulcan in the trees. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: FOB Based Repo: Blended No BFT, No 343.

Posted on 2020-Oct-16 (Friday)

New event: Operation Lighthouse

The Russians are on the defensive. To prepare for our final effort pushing them out of the area, a scouting team has been sent in to mark and discover enemy positions, as well as plant explosives on strategic assets. This is a stealth op. Mark the positions, scout the garrisons, plant explosives, and escape safely. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: None. IMPORTANT NOTE: One pilot per squad. place your bets on this not working out Repo: Main. Extra note: One pilot per squad.

Posted on 2020-Oct-11 (Sunday)

New event: Operation BROKEN BEAR

It's 2024- two years after Vladimir Putin passed suddenly from stroke. Russia's domestic politics have rapidly destabilized, and now the country is erupting into a new Civil War. Your group of democratically-aligned troops have been trapped behind hostile, Ultranationalist lines. Break out, and liberate the countryside from their grip on the way. God be with you. ========================================= Repo: Main Respawn: Objective based Recommended vehicle crew experience: competent/experienced

Posted on 2020-Oct-10 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Rogue

November. 1964. Belgian citizens and government workers have been taken hostage by communist rebels. A swift response has been organized, and shall be enacted. Save the hostages, kill the rebels. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: Mercy Zeus based/10m Wave Repo: Blended

Posted on 2020-Oct-10 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Rampant Stag

The circum-pacific war rages on, with Osea making sweeping gains in the west, driven by their air superiority advantage. However, their hubris and desire to "liberate" our great capital of Cinigrad has left their rearguard undefended and vulnerable. That is where you come in, two teams will be deployed in order to wreak havoc and cause as much damage to their supply lines as possible in a short amount of time in preparation for a counter-offensive which should turn the tide of the war in our …

Posted on 2020-Oct-05 (Monday)

New event: Battle of The Black Forest

16th December 1944: As the Battle of the Bulge rages, the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon of the 394th Regiment, 99th Infantry Division, become separated and surrounded by the advancing Wehrmacht Forces. With little Ammo and Medical supplies left, they are forced to set up camp outside of The Black Forest, Aware of an advancing Panzer force ready to smash through Allied lines, they have no option but to hold their ground in order to prevent a German …

Posted on 2020-Oct-04 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Greenbriar

Russian forces are on the retreat, after our successful pushes by NATO forces they are on their back foot. In order to prepare for a future operation, forces have been tasked to hunt enemy AA, as well as expedite the enemy's retreat. We will push them out, inch by inch. ========= Medical: Standard (With Fractures) Respawn: 15 Minute Wave. Repo: Main.

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