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Posted on 2019-Mar-21 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Tax Evasion: 1% of wealth

After the fuckup in the last operation in Takistan no one wanted to hire the PMC company anymore. Thus, the company went bankrupt. Luckily the company was bought up by an American firm before you had to file bankruptcy and your jobs are secure once more. However; the liquidation of assets has already begun and nearly all weaponized and armored vehicles are already sold. Some of them are still in the hangars waiting for the buyer to pick them up. The bad side of being bought out by an American company …

Posted on 2019-Mar-19 (Tuesday)

New event: Defense of Betalis V

You're a platoon of Imperial Guard stationed on Betalis V, a planet that was colonized for the purpose of building mining facilities to gather minerals from its icy crevices. Something strange has been recently going on, people have been complaining of migraines, of strange visions, and now... A distress call that got cut off came from our nearest checkpoint. It's your duty to go investigate this, and deal with any problems with maximum force. THIS WILL HAPPEN ON ANOTHER SERVER! SERVER INFO: ARMA SERVER …

Posted on 2019-Mar-17 (Sunday)

New event: Peaceful Skies - FP only edition 8 November, 1995. After a war between Belka and allied forces from the nations of Osea and Yuktobania stalled out into a ceasefire culminated from a nuclear suicide strike, the joint peacekeeping forces continue to maintain a presence in territory captured by Belka to provide humanitarian aid, supplies, and stability within the region. Tensions are high. Approximately five months after the fighting ceased, small scale clashes once again broke out after Belkan …

Posted on 2019-Mar-10 (Sunday)

New event: Sunday Drive: Remastered

Dread it, Run from it. Sunday Drive still arrives. US forces have been forced to try and improve relations with the people of Zargabad. To do this, they are required to deliver supplies to areas within and around the city. A local terroist cell, managed by local warlord "Al-Sundeh" has caught wind of this, and will most likely try and disrupt the delivery of supplies. The mission is simple, deliver the supplies, and take Al-Sundeh dead or alive. REPO IS MAIN ========================= Medical Level: …

Posted on 2019-Mar-08 (Friday)

New event: Operation Jungle Scare

A military special forces team scrambles after an emergency radio signal broadcasts from Tanoa. ============= BLENDED Basic Medical No Respawns Prevent Insta Death OFF 4x Damage Resistance Test of concept mission

Posted on 2019-Mar-06 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation "Dragon Rising"

Following the political destabilization in many eastern countries caused by the Global Economic Crisis, China as part of the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) seized control of Tanoa Island and the vast, newly discovered reservoir of oil there, from the Russian Federation. Peace talks proved useless as both combatants lay claim to the island due to previous ownership of it. The situation is deteriorating quickly and China begins to fortify its northern provinces in anticipation of armed …

Posted on 2019-Mar-03 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Red Haze

Date: 197█-██-██ Location: Island of ██████████, approx. ██ miles off the coast of ██████████████, Vietnam Primary objective: Investigate NVA operations on the island After analyzing aerial surveillance photos taken over ██████████ island, the analysis team has brought to our attention an unusually large presence of NVA personnel on the island. Due to the distance and position from the mainland, the island itself poses no strategic value in the war, so the reason for the amount of NVA personnel on the …

Posted on 2019-Feb-28 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Dune Exit

A few minutes ago the Ultranationalist Militia has hit a FOB west of our location. Friendly forces are already retreating under fire and should arrive at our position any minute now. We must prepare ourselves for the possiblity of an enemy attack at our FOB and once we can firmly say the threat of our position being overrun is no longer a concern, we have to start an immediate counter-attack onto the enemy positions before they can dig in and regroup. ========================= Medical Level: …

Posted on 2019-Feb-28 (Thursday)

New event: Memorial

Billy Herrington passed away 1 year ago on this day, it is time we pay our respects. (roughly 10 minute shitpost mission of remembering a good man, briefings and whatever don't matter here I don't think) Jabronis are just players who want to come attend the funeral for a fun little time and the holy spokesman is there to make a speech, maybe get other people to speak too, bodyguard is there to put down shitters. REPO IS MAIN ========================= Medical Level: Advanced Prevent Instant Death: …

Posted on 2019-Feb-27 (Wednesday)

New event: Darkest Days

Outbreak! The few surviving inhabitants of Summa works together in the middle of the crisis to find an escape ==== BLENDED

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