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Posted on 2021-Feb-24 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Athira Fury

The Western Front of Altis is under siege. An armored, mechanized, and motorized battalion are launching a full scale assault with hopes to seize Athira and a vital airfield that will allow further CSAT deployment and a full scale take over of Altis. We must stop them. We must save Altis! ====================================== Respawns: 30 min waves MM NOTES: - Dynamic Defense Mission, you will have objectives to complete while also holding the line. - This is a massive op, a hard op, and coordination …

Posted on 2021-Feb-21 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Wi

The year is 1941. The Emperor has deemed it necessary to attack the United States of America, Carrier Group 1 and 3 have already completly destroyed their navy at pearl harbour, now its time to take ground. Your unit, the 203rd Marine Brigade has been designated in leading the first invasion of US soil. With the help from carrier based fighter-bombers, light bombers and gun boats. You will annex the island. ============= - BLENDED REPO - Wave respawn (15mins) - No SR Radios. - Able, Baker and Charlie are …

Posted on 2021-Feb-19 (Friday)

New event: JOINT OP - Battle of Hakamäki

!!THIS OP IS NOT ON OUR SERVER!! We are invited for a WW2 TVT event from AFI. It will be on the 20th March. Not all information is known so far, but we can start filling a list for those that want to play. This time we will draw from this list who gets to play instead of doing a sign up. So here is the document that will be updated once we get more info: (the google form is inside the document)

Posted on 2021-Feb-18 (Thursday)

New event: Trackmania: Abrams forever

An Abrams company attacks fortified Iraqi defences in an armor clash. No respawns, resupply or repair. Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Feb-15 (Monday)

New event: Operation Peace

1974, a coup d'etat in the Republic of Altis, carried by the Altian military and a local Greek-Altian paramilitary, installs a pro-Enosis president with the eventual goal of the island's annexation by Greece. In response to the coup, the Takistany army launches a military invasion, out of fear of violence against the substantial Takistani Altian population on the island and seeking deposal of the government installed by the coup and return of the previous president. After several artillery strikes on towns …

Posted on 2021-Feb-15 (Monday)

New event: TvT - Redemption

Following Loaf Cat's previous disaster, a civil war has broken out in Malden. The island has divided into two factions. A small battle has been agreed upon between both sides in La Trinite. Should the platoon's officer die, the platoon will surely lose all morale and surrender. ========================= Medical Level: Simple Prevent Instant Death: OFF Revive Lives: OFF Respawn: None Repo: Blended Gametype: TvT (HVT/VIP) "Medics just have more carry-capacity. Chances are you're gonna die if you get lit …

Posted on 2021-Feb-13 (Saturday)

New event: Star Catcher - Murrica hours

This is a rerun for those that kinda got shafted because of Euro hours and on a Friday. For those that already played the mission, please let others that have not played so far slot. !!PLEASE READ THE DOCS!!! A group of Russian Separatists are threatening the destruction of New York City with a captured Russian weapons satellite armed with a micro nuke launcher, and are demanding a huge ransom in order to influence the Russian government. Russian special forces, supported by a USAF AC-130 are due to …

Posted on 2021-Feb-09 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Sultan Redux

January 18, 2011. Yesterday, Khaled Al-Asad executed the President of Saudi Arabia - Yasir Al-Fulani - on live TV and seized control of the country in a military coup. 1st Force Recon did not find Al-Asad during their raid earlier today; we need to know where he is yesterday. We're sending you in after one of Al-Asad's lieutenants in the Takistan region, a man by the name of Suleiman Al-Qanafdh. Intel suggests that he's located somewhere in the western sector of the Takistani Mountains. Sweep the area, …

Posted on 2021-Feb-09 (Tuesday)

New event: Golam Heights

The Year is 1973, In the Middle East, The October War rages on. After 3 days of hard fighting, Israeli forces have managed to repulse the initial Syrian attack. With Syrian Forces falling back to the Golam Heights, The 7th Armoured Brigade are tasked with breaking the Syrian defences on the Golam Heights and forcing the Syrian forces back over the Pre-War Border. Repo: Blended Respawns: Line Based Notes: Another Asortied OP with no 343's

Posted on 2021-Feb-08 (Monday)

New event: TvT - Old Forest

The capture of far-right extremist, Adam Jones, in London two weeks ago has created immense backlash from his followers. A series of hostage situations have taken place since the end of last week, with a total of 3 civilians being killed during failed negotiations. Phone calls from worried partners have alerted the landowner of the old lumberyard in Achnabraad Glenn of troubling news. Local campers fled the scene suffering major injuries, with one dying in intensive care. The surviving campers identified a …

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