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Posted on 2020-May-28 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Blue Gate

In 2012 an uprising in Nigeria named OSSO was formed to depose the current government, After years of war and many casualties, The OSSO forces have been reduced to small strongholds in the Kujari Area, Two days ago, OSSO forces in Nigeria captured Local Leader Obaba Okoronko as a show of force. The Nigerian Government has responded by deploying your Platoon A detachment of the 131st Infantry Brigade to locate and secure Obaba. ================ Medical: Advanced Repo: Blended Respawn: Zeus Based Insta …

Posted on 2020-May-27 (Wednesday)

New event: (REPLAY) Cork the Norks III

Following the events of the first 2 CTN missions on Tanoa, the KPA and their PLA advisors/allies have been almost completely routed in their occupation of the islands, save for a sole surviving stronghold in the northeast. Guarded by the last reserves of KPA regulars and PLA infantry and marines, this region of the main island and a small former resort to its north have been overrun since the initial invasion- but now it is on you to brave the final storm and take back the Tanoan archipelago once and for …

Posted on 2020-May-14 (Thursday)

New event: Operation: Giant's Step WW2 REDUX

One week ago, German forces landed on the French colony of Malden, and it's safe to say, the residing defence force were snuffed out pretty quick. A Company of men, (us), have been peeled away from the main invasion force for Operation Overlord to help claim this territory back. Our objective, establish a beachhead north of Malden near the town of Lolisse. Eliminate enemy forces, secure a foothold for reinforcements and strike the enemy where it hurts. Shortly after 0400 hours, we'll be landing on the …

Posted on 2020-May-08 (Friday)

New event: Siege of Georgetown

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tanoa is in chaos. The Syndikat organized crime group has exploded into full rebellion, with the weakened Horizon Islands Defense Force struggling to defeat the insurgents. Within a month, the People's Republic of China jumps on the situation, seeing a way to expand its power in the Pacific- and in doing so, backs up their new friends in Syndikat with a PLA expeditionary force and weapons shipments. As such, the HIDF is barely holding on- retreating to the outer …

Posted on 2020-May-06 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation: Near Miss REPLAY

Welcome Commander. XCOM is at your disposal. Alien & Advent forces have been spotted terrorising civilians in several resistance havens across Livonia. Move in, take the hostile forces out & extract safely. Skyranger is a Xian, kindly fitted for CAS Mission failure will result in funding being pulled from the FPARMA XCOM Project ========================= REPO: BLENDED Medical Level: The shit that hurts. Prevent Instant Death: is this even a thing? Damage Resistance: Laughs in XCOM Respawn: Objective …

Posted on 2020-May-02 (Saturday)

New event: Impromptu - Document Stalkers

4 rival teams are sent into an industrial complex to retrieve highly valuable documents, all receiving the same message from their trader of choice. Here's an excerpt: I have a job for you, it will pay a lot, much more than you've ever made with me. So far, you've been pretty good at killing targets and fetching stuff for me. I appreciate that greatly. I just got word of something that needs your immediate attention. The factory of Sila was abandoned during the initial incident. Now the factory almost …

Posted on 2020-Apr-28 (Tuesday)

New event: Pandemonium

With the pandemic reaching its peak and growth in stagnation, the Livonian Civil Protection Headquarters has ordered a full regional lockdown, insisting that movement cross-country and within county borders be strictly limited. Your department, the Nadbor County Gendarmerie, has been tasked with implementing this lockdown, as well as enforcing social distancing measures. Naturally this enforcement went to hell immediately. Roadblocks are necessary to be implemented in the Southern borders of your …

Posted on 2020-Apr-19 (Sunday)

New event: Executive Headhunt

Following a 17-year-long civil war, a general election is held in Angola in 1992. The People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) party wins the election, but the results of the election are rejected by the opposing parties, primarily the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), as being rigged. Soon after this, the armed conflict between the MPLA and UNITA resumes. After taking on some corporate security contracts in the country, a South African private military company …

Posted on 2020-Apr-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Market Garden

It's September 1944. After successfully forcing the German forces out of France, Allied High Command begin planning Operation Market Garden. A plan to create a salient into German territory with a bridgehead over the River Rhine to create an invasion route into northern Germany. Your unit, a company from the 101st Airborne, has been tasked with dropping into enemy territory and securing the towns of Nadbor & …

Posted on 2020-Apr-11 (Saturday)

New event: Opération Licorne

June 6, 2035 Last night, the USS Liberty was sunk by Syndikat paramilitaries which have maintained a stranglehold on the islands of Balavu and Katkoula. Such an escalation of hostilities between Syndikat and the NATO task force advising the HIDF has necessitated a swift, harsh response, and so, with the assistance of a NATO Frigate and advisors from Task Force Blue Horizon, HIDF troops move to clean up this mess; securing the wreck, retrieving salvaged equipment, and crippling the capabilities of the …

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