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Posted on 2021-Jun-22 (Tuesday)

New event: Raspberry Road

The Kyrelian Army is enforcing its grip on its fragile eastern frontier. A fearsome series of natural disasters rocked the nation of Velnor, which shares a border with Kyrelia. In the ensuing collapse of the country due to the ferocity of the disaster the Kyrelian Federation launched a 'Humanitarian Operation' and took control of it, calling them a territory of Kyrelia. Peace was quickly restored but over the following years dissent began to grow against the Kyrelians, now seen as invaders. A force of …

Posted on 2021-Jun-22 (Tuesday)

New event: Mission Making Workshop Part 1

Hello! We'll be hosting the community's first mission making seminar workshop thing in a long while, and hopefully with more effective results. With the first session we'll try to establish a pacing for the subject manner, and go through mission making from scratch, learning about the very basics of Arma 3 mission making all the way to the implementation of complex mission events and framework functionalities. To achieve this, each of us will make our own little mission, curated by yours truly. The …

Posted on 2021-Jun-17 (Thursday)

New event: SOG: Mike Force

REQUIRES SOG PRAIRIE FIRE DLC AS WELL AS THIS MODLIST (add simkas as a steam friend to view) THE IP IS THIS IS NOT ON THE MAIN FPARMA SERVER USE THE ARMA LAUNCHER INSTEAD OF SWIFTY FOR THIS MODPACK --------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Force is a game mode kinda like Liberation but Nam-ified. The actual slots don't matter here since you choose all of that ingame through a lil menu. Your …

Posted on 2021-Jun-15 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Swift Strike Redux

Operation Swift Strike: Swift Harder CO-OP In the late 1970s, a revolution transforms the south american island country of Tanoa into a communist state. Soon after, it starts receiving military support from the Soviet Union and Cuba in the form of weapons, military vehicles and training, which allows the new Tanoan People's Army to grow at a rapid pace. In 1982, a failed coup attempt against the communist leadership under Emanuel Bautista is soon called out as "an attempt by foreign powers to destabilize …

Posted on 2021-Jun-11 (Friday)

New event: Operation Heatwave

Germany's AfD party has long been known for its ties to far-right extremism. Following recent election results, many locals at Ruegen have expressed their discontent with Germany's government and democracy. With this, a large portion of the island's AfD supporters have taken up arms. Through black-market trade deals between corrupt officials and Russia, the AfD rebels have managed to gather military support from Russia's new ruler. The island is in large portion under the control of the rebels and police …

Posted on 2021-Jun-09 (Wednesday)

New event: Down at Girna Bay

THIS OP WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE STANDARD OP TIME, IN PLACE OF "OOPS ALL WIESELS" With the AAF's decision to begin abandoning the military island of Stratis and to move their assets to help the war effort on Altis, the island has been left lightly defended. Seeing an opportunity to score a kill on a high ranking officer stationed on the small coastal town of Girna and to cause chaos within the core of the AAF's logistics, CTRG Group 14 are preparing to infiltrate the coast of Girna via submarine, eliminate …

Posted on 2021-Jun-05 (Saturday)

New event: Blueline 1 - JOINTOP

REQUIRES CONTACT DLC THIS EVENT IS NOT ON THE FPARMA SERVER! Date: 2021-06-12 1600UTC Place: AFI Event Server/AFI Teamspeak server 130 slots REQUIRES CONTACT DLC Mission: US Stryker element with attached light recon faces battle-hardened Serbian mechanized force in modern fictive scenario. Roster: Story by Tuntematon: …

Posted on 2021-Jun-04 (Friday)

New event: 【OOPS! ALL WIESELS】

Using their WMDs, the AAF conducts counter-terrorism operations. There will be no survivors. ====================================== Default Medical Respawn: Objective/Mercy Repo: Blended Read your slot info, know what you're slotting up for!

Posted on 2021-Jun-02 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Dangerous Gambit

1989, the US invasion of Panama is about to start the coming morning. The night before, a US Delta Force unit is being sent in to complete a series of objectives to soften the area for the invasion and rescue an American civilian secretly working as a CIA asset from a high security Panamanian prison. ==================== BLENDED repo Objective based respawns 3x damage resistance, 5 min cardiac arrest timer

Posted on 2021-May-30 (Sunday)

New event: Sands of Clafghan

With Russian aggression going unchecked, their sights have now turned to Afghanistan. After a surprise attack on ANA Forces, Russian Troops now occupy a large portion of the country. ANA Forces are spread desperately thin, turning to similar tactics of insurgents they fought just years ago. The time has come now for a push in this sector, aiming to uproot the Russians. US Advisors have boots on the ground, and a bird in the air. Free Afghanistan. ====================================== Default Medical with …

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