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Posted on 2020-Feb-23 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Sultan

January 18, 2011. Yesterday, Khaled Al-Asad executed the President of Saudi Arabia - Yasir Al-Fulani - on live TV and seized control of the country in a military coup. 1st Force Recon did not find Al-Asad during their raid earlier today; we need to know where he is yesterday. We're sending you in after one of Al-Asad's lieutenants in the Takistan region, a man by the name of Suleiman Al-Qanafdh. Intel suggests that he's located somewhere in the western sector of the Takistani Mountains. Sweep the area, …

Posted on 2020-Feb-19 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Saturday Sail

A Huey has been shot down in Vietnam City. Start the new patrol boats. HEY! Spawn in the patrol boats, and off to the rescue! Prepare the warcrimes, find the downed crew and make the rescue! The new Vietnam collection from Sully City. =========================================================================== A Huey has been shot down during a routine patrol mission and we're becoming increasingly worried about the status of it's crew. The route to the crash site is treacherous, so we'll need to clear …

Posted on 2020-Feb-16 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Swift Strike

In the late 1970s, a revolution transforms the south american island country of Tanoa into a communist state. Soon after, it starts receiving military support from the Soviet Union and Cuba in the form of weapons, military vehicles and training, which allows the new Tanoan People's Army to grow at a rapid pace. In 1982, a failed coup attempt against the communist leadership under Emanuel Bautista is soon called out as "an attempt by foreign powers to destabilize a legitimate government". Soon after, the …

Posted on 2020-Feb-12 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Urban Comet

Insurgent forces have come out of the woodwork and have captured towns across the United States of Sahrani, and that's got the big orange guy pissed. We've been ordered to go to said towns, remove the insurgent threat, and take back a facility holding a superweapon that we held in the region. Rumour has it the insurgents are aware that our weapons take a simple button push to arm, so we'll need to move quickly to ensure that this region doesn't become extra crispy. In the words of Sgt. Foley, "Ramirez, …

Posted on 2020-Feb-09 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Miracle Knockout

Commander. Thanks to your team’s efforts in Operation Newman’s Bounce, we were able to regain contact with one of our operatives in the Mediterranean. His intelligence has indicated that the Island nation of Porto, a small yet crucial port for ADVENT operations, has begun a revolt. We’ve gotten priority message from their commander, Gabriel LaRoux, asking for XCOM assistance. Helping this succeed is of the utmost importance, Commander. The intelligence and geographical positioning make this island a key …

Posted on 2020-Feb-06 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Praetorian

In the mid-2020s, following political discord at home and deteriorating relations with Europe, the Russian Federation invades the Baltic states, initially via a blitz out of Kaliningrad. Your NATO task force, a joint German-Polish mechanized unit, was training when the call came. Redeploying to the Nadbor region, you are to head off this foolish Russian invasion in its infancy and teach the Russian Army just why NATO is a force to be feared. ============================================== Medical - Server …

Posted on 2020-Feb-03 (Monday)

New event: Operation Near Miss

CONTACT DLC REQUIRED ========================= Welcome Commander. XCOM is at your disposal. Alien & Advent forces have been spotted terrorising civilians in several resistance havens across Livonia. Move in, take the hostile forces out & extract safely. Skyranger is a Xian, kindly fitted for CAS :) Mission failure will result in funding being pulled from the FPARMA XCOM Project (goodbye Tier3) ========================= REPO: BLENDED Medical Level: The shit that hurts. Prevent Instant Death: is this even …

Posted on 2020-Jan-25 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Phoumi Pass

It's 1970. Cambodia writhes in the grip of a civil war. The Vietnam War rages on. Your platoon has been tasked with securing a vital supply line that leads through Cambodia into Vietnam; the Phoumi Pass. You were being flown in via Huey ahead of the main assault force, but were shot down by AA fire. Miraculously, you've survived the crash. The enemy is no doubt aware of the crashes and en route to your location. Take stock of the survivors, put down any NVA elements in the area, and make sure HQ bombs the …

Posted on 2020-Jan-25 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Street-Fighter 3

The US Army taken over our sovereign island of Altis again! IDF has started their counterattack this week and the units of the 14th Infantry Division have been tasked to capture the city of Kavala after the 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade failed to make significant ground against the US Army's 1st Infantry Division and lost multiple vehicles in the process. While the infantry of the Mechanized Brigade are regrouping and reorganizing after significant losses, the remaining assets of the Brigade and a nearby …

Posted on 2020-Jan-21 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Cordite Blue

The Lighthouse War of 2019 is raging. Across the Usean Continent, the Osean-led IUN-PKF coalition has been beating back the Erusean onslaught. With the famed Long Range Strategic Strike Group's victories at Stonehenge and elsewhere, the Erusean forces have splintered. However, in the wake of the mutual ASAT attacks during the Battle of Farbanti, the Erusean AND Osean militaries have begun to suffer communications breakdown, with the Erusean forces devolving into civil conflict between radical and …

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