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Posted on 2021-Apr-13 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Cíara

Player Faction: Lingoran Especas Enemy Faction: Lingoran National Front Dec 18th, 2024 Exiled Lingoran especas return to their homeland to start a resistance against the fascist regime currently running the country. Supported, armed and trained by Western nations, their objective is to rid the country of their oppressors, and once again establish democracy in the nation of Lingor. A section of especas are being sent out to raid the town of Victorin and eliminate a top enemy general who hold both a lot of …

Posted on 2021-Apr-12 (Monday)

New event: Road 191

The cold war has gone hot. With Russians forces streaming into Western Europe, US Forces make a desperate defense to hold crucial roads and strategic points in Germany. With 2 Little Birds, and a handful of troops, hold the line against the Russians. ====================================================== Default Medical with Fractures Wave Respawn: 15 Minutes Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Apr-12 (Monday)

New event: Go Tell the Spartans

A number of food supplies were recently sent to the civilians in Muc Wa by the ARVN. Shortly after that, the Viet Cong attacked the village, killed or scared away all the villagers and took over all of the supplies. A small unit, consisting of US Army advisor specialists and ARVN rangers, has been organized to be sent into Muc Wa to take it back from the Viet Cong and garrison it. ==================== BLENDED repo Objective based respawns 3x damage resistance, 5 min cardiac arrest timer ARVN team will …

Posted on 2021-Apr-05 (Monday)

New event: 2 Hours

The Middle East is very stable, and having an embassy in places there is great. Totally. Well not this time, militia force are attacking. Defend the Ambassador, and the embassy! ====================================================== Default Medical with Fractures Wave Respawn: 15 Minutes Extra Note: Security Spawn at Embassy, All other teams do not.

Posted on 2021-Apr-04 (Sunday)

New event: War of the Flags

Vietnam, 23rd of January 1973, the paris peace accords have dictated by the 27th there will be a ceasefire between the north and south, yesterday the NVA have taken the initiative and have taken land all across the border, now its our turn. =============================== Medical: Semi-advanced Respawn: Simkas Bodybag Repo: Blended Notes: HQ can request support via LR channel 4 to High-command, this consists of heavy artillery and spooky gunship support.

Posted on 2021-Mar-31 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Kazekiri

Following the Chinese occupation of the Horizon Islands in the past year and a half, the Japanese and American governments have been formulating plans to respond to the overt act of aggression towards Tanoa and its Archipelago. However, the kidnapping of a Japanese IDAP research team helping investigate cultural artifacts on the island has forced the Diet's hand, and now (with the Americans' support) your JSDF task force has sailed in to begin kicking the PLA out of Tanoa and rescue the IDAP team and their …

Posted on 2021-Mar-28 (Sunday)

New event: In The Name Of The Father

Player Faction: IRA Enemy Faction: British Security Forces The British have ramped up their operations in the county of Armagh. This hasn't gone unnoticed, as we rely on the area to smuggle in arms and train our members. As some of our best men, your mission is to strike hard and fast at several key objectives, and stop them from making a strong foothold in the area. Friendly Assets: 1x Praga 3VS Guntruck 3x Skoda 1203 vans 2x Skoda 105 cars =============================== Medical Settings: Server …

Posted on 2021-Mar-28 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Chestnut

30 > minute mission, very small, no planning required Alternate history, USSR decides to invade the West because they feel like it and the stationed Abrams platoon near Rosche decides they have something against that. ========================================= Respawn: None Logistics: None Repo: Blended This op literally has no command element. All the planning has already been done by me and all you have to do is shoot tanks.

Posted on 2021-Mar-28 (Sunday)

New event: Fisherman Dispute 2

There have been several incidents involving us and the rivalling fishing club. Tensions are at all time high. We have acquired heavy machine guns and recoiless rifles for our boats. Use them to annihilate the enemy. May start a little later, depending on lelop's mission ================== Medical: Default Respawn: Waves, 10 minutes Repo: Blended EXTRA: LEAD, ALPHA, BRAVO = Fishing Boat (DShKM); RELIANT, DEFIANT = Fishing Boat (SPG-9); KILO = Fishing Boat

Posted on 2021-Mar-28 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Deliverer

JULY 24TH, 1942: German Naval Forces have bypassed the south, went around Ireland, and are now headed for Scotland. Allied High Command did not expect such a bold move and are caught unprepared. Allied troops from the US, England, and Scotland are stationed there, but they are very few. It will be hours, if not a full day until troops can arrive from the mainland to reinforce them. God have mercy on them all. ========================= Medical Level: Basic Damage Resistance: 3.0x Respawn: Bodybag …

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