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Posted on 2020-Jan-25 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Phoumi Pass

It's 1970. Cambodia writhes in the grip of a civil war. The Vietnam War rages on. Your platoon has been tasked with securing a vital supply line that leads through Cambodia into Vietnam; the Phoumi Pass. You were being flown in via Huey ahead of the main assault force, but were shot down by AA fire. Miraculously, you've survived the crash. The enemy is no doubt aware of the crashes and en route to your location. Take stock of the survivors, put down any NVA elements in the area, and make sure HQ bombs the …

Posted on 2020-Jan-25 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Street-Fighter 3

The US Army taken over our sovereign island of Altis again! IDF has started their counterattack this week and the units of the 14th Infantry Division have been tasked to capture the city of Kavala after the 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade failed to make significant ground against the US Army's 1st Infantry Division and lost multiple vehicles in the process. While the infantry of the Mechanized Brigade are regrouping and reorganizing after significant losses, the remaining assets of the Brigade and a nearby …

Posted on 2020-Jan-21 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Cordite Blue

The Lighthouse War of 2019 is raging. Across the Usean Continent, the Osean-led IUN-PKF coalition has been beating back the Erusean onslaught. With the famed Long Range Strategic Strike Group's victories at Stonehenge and elsewhere, the Erusean forces have splintered. However, in the wake of the mutual ASAT attacks during the Battle of Farbanti, the Erusean AND Osean militaries have begun to suffer communications breakdown, with the Erusean forces devolving into civil conflict between radical and …

Posted on 2020-Jan-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Greenwood

Since NATO's 2025 push to establish an international military section, several operations under the new branch of NATO - Orizon have been extremely successful. The situation in Scandinavia has been a disaster since the three nations became unified under a new nationalist government in late 2026. Following the formation of the new government, the military was disbanded in place of a new exclusively Swedish military - the National Scandinavian Army. The nation, despite not posing international threat, has …

Posted on 2020-Jan-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Thunderbolt

A week ago, an airliner flying from Israel was hijacked by a group of Palestinian terrorists who requested the release of their imprisoned militant comrades. The flight, originally heading for Greece, was redirected and landed in Entebbe, the main airport in Uganda, where the hostages were kept with the support of the Ugandan government and army. Since then, the majority of non-Israeli hostages have been released, but a number of Israelis still remain in Entebbe under heavy guard. IDF command has devised a …

Posted on 2020-Jan-05 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Swordbreaker

History repeats itself, Russian forces hold the south eastern peninsula of Altis. We've been ordered to take it back. This is a classic town by town sweep from page 1 of the playbook. The enemy are armed to the teeth, so in return, we'll be sending you well armed with two tanks from the 1st Marine Armored Division with an A-10C on standby for CAS support if needed. Take back the peninsula and remove the Russian threat from Altis once and for all. ========================= Prevent Instant Death: On Damage …

Posted on 2020-Jan-04 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Backhander

===WORKSHOP MOD EVENT=== The Covenant-Human war has officially been ended with the Covenant's defeat, leaving nothing more than remnants scattered around the galaxy. However, these remnants have taken to preying on the relatively untouched outer colonies, preaching promises of a greater purpose, salvation from a doomed existence, proselytising and converting all those they can, leading to a new influx of cults which take after the former covenant's teachings. One such cult, the Keepers of the One …

Posted on 2019-Dec-31 (Tuesday)

New event: Jungle Warriors Replay Deluxe CBT Edition

The Tet Offensive is well underway and while our comrades are busy kicking the American imperialist pigs out of our cities they have occupied, we have been given a special mission by glorious Hồ Chí Minh himself. There is a team of American special forces soldiers that have recently stolen some important documents from one of our camps and are hiding in this area, spread out between a few American bases. Our task will be to find and kill them all so that their discovery cannot interfere with our campaign …

Posted on 2019-Dec-31 (Tuesday)

New event: Stratis - Stranded

Info: Platoon, this is Command. I've had confirmation that the intel you gathered during your operation is accurate. The bad news is that the Altis Militia have been alerted of your presence and are issuing several strike-forces to recover the stolen intelligence. It's looking like you'll have to bunker down in Camp Maxwell until EVAC can make its way to you. The nearest EVAC team is currently refuelling and will be with you ASAP. I have assigned a UAV to assist you in spotting hostile threats but hostile …

Posted on 2019-Dec-29 (Sunday)

New event: Green Mile Highway

September 25th, 1975. West German/Czech Border The times of peace and detente are over. Europe is burning; no-one is winning. In all theatres, NATO is in an elastic defense, ceding swathes of land in a desperate struggle to dissolve the red spearhead. It has taken every man in Europe months to expose mere slivers of strategic weakness in the REDFOR advance, and now you will be a key cog in this bloody machine. To the north of you is a tired REDFOR spearhead on the verge of annihilation. Seperating us is …

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