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Posted on 2024-Apr-14 (Sunday)

New event: Zero Dark Sa'hatra

Noted defense-industrial magnate Jeremy Elbertsen has been abducted while on a humanitarian mission delivering micro cruise missiles to Karzheg rebels. We have reason to believe that the local warlord, Colonel Avdol, had him captured and brought Elbertsen to the Sa'hatra region for interrogation and possibly execution. Our intelligence network has identified three possible positions where he may be located in Sa'hatra. You're being deployed as a deniable ops unit to go into Sa'hatra undetected, identify …

Posted on 2024-Apr-14 (Sunday)

New event: The Thin Green Line

Northern Chernarus, 18th October 2009 2 days after the Moscow Bombings, the US 27th MEU has been forces to withdraw from Chernarus under pressure from the UN, Russian Forces are to replace them in their previously ongoing operation. However, The Kremlin aims not to peacekeep but instead annex Chernarus via siezing key assests and logistical hubs in order to destroy both NAPA and the CDF in one swift blow. Your platoon of the 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade will seize Vybor Airport and cause chaos in …

Posted on 2024-Apr-06 (Saturday)

New event: Executive Headhunt: Redux

Amidst a long ongoing civil war in an African country, some involved parties have started to turn to the private sector for assistance. After initially being hired just to train the armed force of one of the factions, a PMC soon begins receiving contracts to carry out military operations against other factions involved in the conflict. With material support from their employers and a promise of a substantial paycheck, they are about to begin a series of operations with the objective of finding and …

Posted on 2024-Apr-06 (Saturday)

New event: Metrocops: The Line

A select group of aspiring Metrocops has been assigned a crucial mission: venturing into the outskirts of City 17. Their objective is to identify, capture, and eliminate Resistance hideouts while apprehending a high-priority Anti-Citizen at the top of the Universal Union's most-wanted list. REPO: BLENDED MEDIC BODY BAG RESPAWN

Posted on 2024-Mar-25 (Monday)

New event: Operation History's End

After over three decades of relentless conflict, our shores now face the imminent threat of invasion. Following weeks of relentless bombardment of coastal cities and towns, the enemy has positioned an aircraft carrier group perilously close to our coastline, poised to launch their assault. In response, a hastily assembled platoon has been deployed with the crucial mission of thwarting the invasion, or at the very least, holding the line until High Command can devise a strategy or send reinforcements. An …

Posted on 2024-Mar-16 (Saturday)

New event: Operation HUMDINGER

Repo: MAIN REPO MAIN REPO MAIN REPO M Medical: default fparma settings Respawn: 10-minute -------------------- FParma is in grave danger! The United Nations has deemed the FPMC a threat, and is preparing to fire its most devastating weapon, the Super Cannon, at the FParma server! The FPMC has hastily assembled a ragtag group of idiots with guns to assault the Super Cannon facility in the UN stronghold of Malden. Will they succeed in destroying the vile Super Cannon? Will they survive the sheer military …

Posted on 2024-Mar-11 (Monday)

New event: A FUTURE AFLAME - 2024 REDUX

In November 1989, the Berlin riots descended into a year of what would come to be known as the Reunification War. The loss of East Germany and the bloody wake of that war galvanized the military economy of the Soviet Union, and for almost ten years the fracturing satellite states of the USSR have been held together at Moscow's gunpoint. Tyranny reigned over anarchy for much of the 1990s, but on the eve of the new millennium, even the Kremlin can no longer ignore the crevices forming in Eastern …

Posted on 2024-Mar-10 (Sunday)

New event: Dark Red Night

04.11.1941 - Today, the Major dropped a bombshell in the form of new orders. We're abandoning our defence of Moscow, but he's tight-lipped about the reasons. We're left scrambling to pack our scant belongings, on standby, the air thick with uncertainty. 08.11.1941 - Our destination is revealed, and it's a godforsaken place along the Black Sea. The Germans, preoccupied with dismantling our once-proud homeland, have diverted their attention to this remote location. The secrecy surrounding our mission reeks …

Posted on 2024-Feb-28 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Widmo

After an open war began with Russia, Finnish border guards were overran and some near-border territories were seized by the Russian Army, and it's clear an airborne invasion is in the works. However, if the Polish Army operation behind Russian lines sees success, Russian plans could find themselves in ruin. ------------------- Repo: Main :3 Medical: Enabled fractures and wound reopening Respawn: Wave/Tickets Transports are present after the 1st objective

Posted on 2024-Feb-23 (Friday)


Following the AAF's organizational shortcomings, NATO initiates a comprehensive invasion of Altis with the objective of displacing entrenched CSAT forces. A unified arms company is assigned the mission of halting NATO's advancement and securing vital CSAT infrastructure. Initial intelligence from CSAT suggests that NATO is preparing for a significant assault originating from the outskirts of Charkia and Rodopoli. "Operation Rollback" aims to execute a rapid, preemptive strike, potentially forcing NATO to …

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