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Posted on 2023-Sep-20 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation No Future

In the somber and desolate year of 2050, Europe stood as a testament to the relentless fury of war that had raged unabated for two heart-wrenching decades. The once-proud cities and picturesque landscapes had been transformed into nightmarish battlefields, their elegance now buried beneath layers of debris, sorrow, and suffering. The European Union, now but a shadow of its former self, found itself at the precipice of a desperate endeavor—a final push to vanquish the malevolent warlord who had emerged from …

Posted on 2023-Sep-14 (Thursday)

New event: Hunting Party

NATO Special Forces have executed a daring raid on an AAF installation deep within enemy territory. The AAF have been caught off guard due to mismanagement and lack of proper resources. Now, it's their desperate last-ditch effort to intercept and hunt down the NATO Special Forces team before they can exfiltrate the island. ======================= Style: TvT, Serious, Manhunt, Asymmetrical REPO: MAIN

Posted on 2023-Sep-10 (Sunday)

New event: A Future Aflame

In November 1989, the Berlin riots descended into a year of what would come to be known as the Reunification War. The loss of East Germany and the bloody wake of that war galvanized the military economy of the Soviet Union, and for almost ten years the fracturing satellite states of the USSR have been held together at Moscow's gunpoint. Tyranny reigned over anarchy for much of the 1990s, but on the eve of the new millennium, even the Kremlin can no longer ignore the crevices forming in Eastern …

Posted on 2023-Sep-03 (Sunday)

New event: Bay of Sugar Invasion

As part of the ongoing war with Vietnam, PRC forces make a daring naval invasion to reduce Vietnamese air raids in the South China sea. Targeting the large airfield stronghold on The Bay of Dogs, PRC forces make a daring naval landing against a numerically superior force. =================================================== Repo: Main Type of Mission: Serious, Infantry Landing Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, TL, Medic …

Posted on 2023-Aug-27 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Silent Sentinel

Tensions are rapidly escalating in the region of Chernarus, where a series of events have put the security and stability of the area at risk. The situation revolves around a covert monitoring station operated by a three-letter intelligence agency within Chernarus. Recent developments have triggered concerns about the safety of agency personnel stationed there. In response, ION Services has been contracted to execute a critical exfiltration mission. ======================= REPO: MAIN MEDICAL …

Posted on 2023-Aug-21 (Monday)

New event: The Tanoan Grand Prix

It's time for the inaugural FPA1 Tanoan Grand Prix. This is a mistake but who knows, we might get a full season or this will be terrible. leggo =================================================== Special Notes: WICE Sports is for you content fellows out there. Race control will have zeus, just help contain the shitters if they do appear Whilst this was born out of a shitpost, come in with a somewhat competitive attitude, work with your team, pray perondas doesn't crash, and have some fun with it Pit …

Posted on 2023-Aug-19 (Saturday)

New event: Choppers over Afghanistan: The Sequel

The war in Afghanistan rages on, a platoon of VDV soldiers flies out to clear a number of caches in the region. ------------------- Type of mission: Serious, Airmobile Repo: Main Medical: Standard medical Respawn: Bodybag respawn

Posted on 2023-Aug-13 (Sunday)

New event: Shots In The Dark

With night-time raids along the Enlen Border by Swania increasing, and negotiations breaking down between the two governments, it is only a matter time before things boil over into war. The exact time is uncertain, but intel suggests as soon as this week. Defending a key installation along the border will not be an easy task, but it's time to dig in and prepare for the worst. Entrench, fortify, survive. =================== Repo: Main Type of Mission: Serious, Infantry Medical Settings Fractures: …

Posted on 2023-Aug-09 (Wednesday)

New event: Blue Shift

USES BLENDED!!! 10th of June 1975, A year on from the Turkish invasion of Bozcaada and tensions have once again flared on the Mediteranian Island, with a significant build up of both Turkish and Greek forces, a British Peacekeeping contingent is caught between the waring sides. Tasked with maintaining the 1974 DMZ, they must survive the possibility of being caught in the crossfire of a full blown war.

Posted on 2023-Aug-05 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Sabotage

A target of opportunity for the French resistance has come, a train full of german armor and supplies is stuck in a town nearby. The French resistance is sending a hastily assembled team to blow it up! ======================= REPO: MAIN + SPE MEDICAL SETTINGS FRACTURES: DISABLED 10 MINUTE CARDIAC ARREST TIMER 0.5 BLEEDING COEFFICIENT ALL CAN IV FATAL DAMAGE: SUM OF TRAUMA AND VITAL ORGANS HIT RESPAWN: BODY BAGGED

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