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Posted on 2023-Mar-28 (Tuesday)


In the aftermath of the failed air assault, the surviving NATO troops have regrouped with what is left of the stranded armored platoon and launch a ground assault on an AAF Firebase. An additional objective is to take out CSAT anti-air radars to pave the way for a second air assault, while also fending off ongoing joint AAF/CSAT attacks. The odds are against them, but the surviving soldiers are determined to push forward and turn the tide of the invasion. ======================= REPO: MAIN MEDICAL …

Posted on 2023-Mar-26 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Broken Mirror

The Agency has detected some alarming broadcasts from the city of Kavala on Altis, showing a total collapse of order from an unknown force. A crew of special forces operatives have been assembled to move in on the city, and stabilize the situation by any means necessary. ============================== Repo: Main Medical: Standard Respawn: 10-minute wave

Posted on 2023-Mar-19 (Sunday)

New event: Winter Contingency

March 10, 2526, The situation on the Colony of Reach is tense, the UNSC face an insurgency which aims to isolate and claim independence from the UNSC. 12 hours ago, 3 relays 6 kilometres outside of Visegrad went dark, due to this a UNSC Marine Falcon and Ground Patrol were dispatched into the rebel occupied areas. As of 6 hours ago, both are MIA. This is where you come in, as part of the ODST deployment to Reach you've been tasked with locating the patrols and restoring the relays. Command …

Posted on 2023-Mar-19 (Sunday)

New event: Divine Intervention

Karkenstan under attack! With the invading Ivali forces streaming over the border, Karkenstanian troops must respond! Ivali forces have taken a sacred site, and turned it into a fortress. It must be taken back and held! =================== Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, TL, Medic Marked as Medic All Can IV Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Medic Based Bodybag

Posted on 2023-Mar-14 (Tuesday)


During the invasion of Altis, NATO forces stage a daring air assault to open a second front. The air assault ends in a disaster with most of the to be deployed troops killed by unexpected, heavy anti-aircraft fire. Although, not all hope for the offensive is lost, as the scattered survivors quickly scramble to regroup and push forward with the daring plan. Their top priorities are to regroup with a stranded armored platoon and fend off ongoing joint AAF/CSAT attacks. ======================= REPO: …

Posted on 2023-Mar-06 (Monday)

New event: Scotland Calling

14 February, 1960. On orders from the Führer, the PAR have invaded the neutral nation of Scotland. However, they have received little support from the Reich in their task. Four days ago, French and Dutch forces successfully penetrated the southern defense, and have begun disrupting PAR activities in Kintyre. The PAR forces have fallen into chaos and confusion, and the previously impenetrable Butter Beach is now vulnerable. We will assist our GMDA allies in liberating Scotland by establishing a beachhead …

Posted on 2023-Mar-05 (Sunday)

New event: Finns at War

!!CRITICAL!! This is a joint event by Global Conflicts, and will be hosted on their server using their modpack. After slotting for this event, please also join the Global Conflicts discord and sign up for the event there. You will also find modpack and server info therein. Non-leadership slot roles may vary between missions and may be picked at the start of each mission. Be on your best behaviour. Harassment of other groups will NOT be tolerated. !!CRITICAL!! ------------ This event will feature 3 …

Posted on 2023-Feb-27 (Monday)

New event: Operation Bowstring Re-Run

NATO on the retreat! With a massive deployment of Soviet forces to Europe, USSR Forces have pushed deeply into Germany. With NATO on their last legs in the region, the brave heroes of the Soviet Union will drive out the capitalists, taking their critical airfield and bridges! =================== Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, TL, Medic Marked as Medic All Can IV Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ …

Posted on 2023-Feb-19 (Sunday)

New event: Beyond Triagon

Great job dealing with all these bastards at Motel Triagon. Who would think we'd get through that mess in one piece with only a single casualty to our name! Don't fret yet though, there's trouble ahead: the sun is rising, and command wants us to get off our feet and keep on pushing. The trouble right now is that the Karzhegians are going well out of their way to fill any tactical gaps in their lines with as many men, as fast as possible. To achieve this, they'll try to flood Gieratlow with a swathe of …

Posted on 2023-Feb-19 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Snake Eyes

August 31, 2031. Despite the best efforts of CTRG Group 14, General Akhanteros' coup has gained full control of Altis. In accordance with the Jerusalem Ceasefire of one year ago, the loyalists have been disbanded and NATO recognizes Akhanteros' regime as the valid government. However, loyalist cells, albiet a shadow of their former selves, still remain. Group 14 has made contact with one, and arranged for a supply delivery to support their actions against the AAF. ============================== Repo: …

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