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Posted on 2024-Feb-18 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Limbo

As the Bystrician Government celebrates its 30-year anniversary, the Bystrician Defense Force is hard-pressed to keep order in the countryside as the Main Army Directorate and Marshall Liwonenko's plutocratic rule remains the only thing holding the nation together. Thanks to the efforts of several foreign intelligence agencies, the local resistance (known as the CLF) is poised to strike at last. ------------------- Repo: Blended Medical: Enabled fractures and wound reopening Respawn: Bodybags

Posted on 2024-Feb-16 (Friday)

New event: Callsign Unknown

A short while ago, an unidentified military faction successfully took control of the Blue Pearl Industrial Port in Tanoa. As of now, they have not disclosed any demands or revealed their affiliation. Surveillance footage captures the enigmatic military group engaging in gunfire with port workers and holding hostages. Local law enforcement is grappling with the escalating crisis and has urgently sought international assistance. In response, a platoon from SFOD-D/Delta Force has been deployed to regain …

Posted on 2024-Feb-15 (Thursday)

New event: Operation Frostbreaker

After the breakup of The Union, its territories were split up between the newly formed independent states based on a mutual agreement. Over time, some of the nations grew unsatisfied with this agreement. The nation of Morozia has laid claim to the Sahrani region just past its border with Iskandia. For a long time, this disagreement has remained largely peaceful, but when a new extreme nationalist government comes into power in Morozia, they soon organize and launch a military invasion of the region. Due to …

Posted on 2024-Feb-14 (Wednesday)

New event: Fisherman Dispute TVT 2: II

Two teams of 5 fishing boats with guns each fight near a small Finnish archipelago. Changes: Players now get instakilled when trying to dismount a boat in the circle All ships have SPG-9 now, no more DShK Less fog ================ Medical: Default Respawn: 10 seconds Repo: Main

Posted on 2024-Feb-14 (Wednesday)

New event: Killhouse Kombat

Security forces and insurgents face off in the Killhouses. The security team, after a short prep time, must storm the Killhouse using their breaching charges, flashbangs and general awesomeness to kill all inside with their bullets. On the other hand, insurgent forces must defend the Killhouse, setting up crossfires and killzones with the help of a few tripwire grenades. Security forces are better armed, with reflex sights, body armour, helmets and NODs, but the insurgents have the advantage of being in a …

Posted on 2024-Feb-12 (Monday)

New event: Operation Triagon - Part 2

Great job dealing with all these bastards at Motel Triagon. Who would think we'd get through that mess in one piece with only a single casualty to our name! There's trouble ahead though: the sun is rising, and command wants us to get off our feet and keep on pushing. They assume the Karzhegians are going well out of their way to fill any tactical gaps in their lines with as many men, as fast as possible. To achieve this, they'll try to flood Gieratlow with a swathe of mechanized QRFs from along the …

Posted on 2024-Feb-04 (Sunday)

New event: A Day in the Yard

In the wake of a Royalist uprising, much of Takistan has been left in utter ruins, only recently returned to government control after years of bloodshed. Most of those ruins are unworkable; blanketed in an unknown count of forgotten mines and failed munitions. Progress has been slow - too slow for the world to bear. Despite many warnings and advisories by the Takistani government, western NGOs have been braving minefields and active warzones to lend humanitarian aid, dragging local law enforcement along …

Posted on 2024-Feb-01 (Thursday)

New event: Burnt Bridges

October 2024, 4 years after the Russian invasion of Helvantis, Helvantian forces have recouperated on the Eastern Bank of the Udenhein River Supported by foreign support your elite unit of the Helvantian Army have been tasked with establishing a small bridgehead across the Udenhein River, Establish the Bridgehead and advance into Russian territory.

Posted on 2024-Jan-23 (Tuesday)

New event: Rogue Threat (ReRun)

The various reforms enacted by Mikhail Gorbachev within the Soviet Union, as well as the warming of relations with the west is not seen as a positive by some factions within the Soviet Military. 48 hours ago, a rogue GRU colonel, along with a company of spetsnaz operatives loyal to him have stolen 10 nuclear Scud missiles and have taken them to the island of Rugen in East Germany. They plan to fire the missiles at parts of West Germany and Denmark, hoping to provoke a NATO response and start World War III. …

Posted on 2024-Jan-05 (Friday)

New event: Red Dead Repossession

The O'Sullivan gang, a notorious bunch with a taste for trouble, has set their sights on the Armadillo National Bank. They reckon it's time for a heist like no other – the kind that'll make the ground shake and the lawmen quiver in their boots. We're talkin' 'bout a real old-fashioned showdown, a dance with danger as they aim to snatch them greenbacks and make a run for it. Now, this ain't just any bank job; it's a dash for freedom, a journey to the Promised Land of Tahiti. The O'Sullivans are lookin' to …

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