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Posted on 2023-Jan-29 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Ray

Summer. 1978. Sands and mud of Africa are unforgiving on French forces. With the rise of rebel activity in the north of Chad supported by Libya, French Forces undertake operations to ensure the safety of citizens, and a friendly government in power. With a new shipment of men and material from Libya, Rebel forces make a push to take a large chunk of territory. ================ Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, …

Posted on 2023-Jan-23 (Monday)

New event: Operation Resound

With political tensions boiling over between East and West, the unfortunate reality of war falls upon Europe. Intended on striking before the Soviet Union, NATO forces launch a series of raids against SCUD Sites in occupied Poland and East Germany. Dropping in feet first, UK Forces land and move to strike 2 sites in deep behind enemy lines. ================ Repo: Main SLs and TLs carry explosives. Reserves available if slotting fills. Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3x Player Resistance 5 minute …

Posted on 2023-Jan-23 (Monday)

New event: Collapsing Wind

Late 2061, Eastern European Collapse Radiation Contaminated Region - World War III has been over for a decade, and the powers that be are struggling to rebuild and clean up their lands. Despite all this, geopolitics still kindles the fires of conflict- and that's where you come in, as PMCs. Hired by a mysterious client to investigate a prewar research facility, while racing against the clock against an opposing Neo-Soviet force, you must uncover the secrets held within and get out alive- if you can. Ride …

Posted on 2023-Jan-18 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation: Near Margin

Yuktobania has declared war on Osea and launched a simultaneous surprise attack on the Osean Port St. Hewlett. Our orders are simple, secure the Port, push back the enemy, and to keep the Kestrel from being destroyed. ---------- Medical: Usual medical settings, fractures on Respawn: 10 min wave

Posted on 2023-Jan-13 (Friday)

New event: Mataredo Garrison

3 April 1982: With negotiations between Argentina and Britian having completely broken down, a full scale invasion of the Falkland Islands is in full swing. The dependency of South Georgia is the last claimed British holdout in the South Atlantic; manned by platoon of 22 Royal Marines, it relies on the HMS Endurance for supply and communication with Britain. With an disguised Argentine force having captured the town of Mataredo and a relief force enroute from Argentina, Downing Street have ordered for …

Posted on 2022-Dec-31 (Saturday)

New event: Frozen Front

Winter, 1944. Allied Forces have landed in France and are rapidly advancing Eastward, towards the borders of Germany itself. In a desperate bid to repeat their success in the French Campaign years prior, Germany forces launch a surprise attack along the frontline near Belgium and Luxembourg. With allied air support grounded due to weather, unprepared and weary US troops man the line. The Battle of the Bulge has begun. ================ Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 5x Player …

Posted on 2022-Dec-31 (Saturday)

New event: A Walk in the Park

The nation of Verdonia has invaded the land of Krevaria. They quickly established a foothold along Krevaria's the coast with numerous beach landings supported by air assaults. The Krevarian National Guard was pushed back at first, but now both sides have dug in, and the lines have been drawn. Now, the 1st Krevarian Motor Cavalry Brigade moves toward the occupied territory as fast as their treads will take them, with the goal of smashing through the enemy lines and destroying the local Verdonian …

Posted on 2022-Dec-26 (Monday)


As the first month of the invasion of Iraq drew to a close, US forces were tasked with a crucial mission: the capture of the city of Zargabad. This was a key stronghold for Iraqi forces and its capture was seen as essential to the overall success of the invasion. The city was well-defended and had a large number of Iraqi troops and equipment, making it a formidable challenge for the US forces. To take the city, the US forces had to devise a strategy that would allow them to cut off the supply lines and …

Posted on 2022-Dec-18 (Sunday)

New event: Battle of the Black Forest II

24th December 1944: Twas the night before Christmas as the Battle of the Bulge rages on, the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon of the 394th Regiment, 99th Infantry Division, become separated and surrounded by the advancing Wehrmacht Forces. With little Ammo and Medical supplies left, they are forced to set up camp outside of The Black Forest, Aware of an advancing Panzer force ready to smash through Allied lines, they have no option but to hold their ground in order to prevent a German Breakthrough.

Posted on 2022-Dec-18 (Sunday)


As members of the Imperial Guard and crew of a Leman Russ tank, our mission is to find a way to evacuate the planet of Byss after chaos forces have overrun its defenses. We have received word that there may be a vox base not too far from our current location with dropships that could potentially provide our escape. It is imperative that we reach this base as soon as possible and secure transportation off this ravaged world. With the chaos forces increasing in numbers and our supplies dwindling, time is of …

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