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Posted on 2022-Jun-26 (Sunday)

New event: Mountain Raid

A crack team of Bystrican specops raid rebel held territory in the hills of Bystrica in search of a rebel commander. Simple action-filled infantry mission with light railroading and not much pre-planning required due to the nature of the mission. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical: Vital organs/sum of trauma, 4x DMG resistance (but you have good armour) Respawn: Objective Based

Posted on 2022-Jun-19 (Sunday)

New event: Stress The Point

Africa is prime real estate. Countries with money to burn, being influenced by major nuclear powers. What's not to love? Private contractors of various skillsets now fight for countries of varying wealth, supplementing and supporting local armies in combat. The job today is simple, invade a nation already at war with another neighbor. What could go wrong? ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient SL, …

Posted on 2022-Jun-14 (Tuesday)

New event: JOINT OP - Vietnam SOG CDLC COOP #7

!!!This requires the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC !!! 1 Warm up minigame 2 Coop missions We will be infantry in mission one, pilot slots in sign ups will be also on ground and be squaddies. In mission two we will be infantry and 3 pilots. This will NOT take place on our servers! This will NOT use our modpack! More info here about servers and modpack: Consider filling one squad first.

Posted on 2022-Jun-12 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Silver Eye

24 November, 1996, 0400 hours. After high tension peace talks by the United Nations over a year ago, the Osean Federation and its Yuktobanian Allies have been dragged into war with a reunited Principality of Belka, ignited by the false pretence of Belka accusing Osea of stirring civil unrest within its remaining territory. A joint peacekeeping mission between Osean and Yuktobanian forces in the Chernogorsk Safe Area over a year ago went hot after the Belkan military launched a surprise offensive that …

Posted on 2022-Jun-11 (Saturday)

New event: Engagement at Point Green

Hostile forces have overrun the border and are nearing Point Green. Prevent them from taking this, and push them back to the border. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient All Marked As Medics. Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: Wave Vehicle Respawn: Blended THIS IS A TANK OP. (Reserve slots available once slotting fills.)

Posted on 2022-Jun-06 (Monday)

New event: Sand Crawlers

The age-old blood feud between the trading house of "Sheik" and the raiders of house "Crawlers" is about to erupt once more. This time with all out war between the houses. The leader of the Crawlers sent word to all their packs to gear up and attack each settlement of house Sheik. The message reads: "The time has come, my brothers! The old blood feud between house Sheik and house Crawlers will be settled! We will charge them with our might, take their settlements and ships, raze their oil farms, and let …

Posted on 2022-Jun-05 (Sunday)

New event: The Ogaden Gambit

It has been 3 months since Comrade Castro sent us across the ocean. Our purpose? To support an airlift to stop the traitorous, backstabbing nation of Somalia from capturing a region from our African Union compatriot, Ethiopia, known as the Ogaden. With the enemy on the back foot, and with our African allies pressing the attack, Comrade Castro and his advisors from Moscow have devised a way to hasten the enemy's retreat. Using a daring paratrooper assault, we shall strike a strong blow against the …

Posted on 2022-May-29 (Sunday)

New event: Battle for the Boxer

War has finally returned to the shores of Altis. The NATO Taskforce launches Operation Hopelite to retake the island. OPCOM plays their hand. With Turkish tanks steaming across the Salt Flats of Altis, NATO's supply lines lie open to attack. A joint force of Portuguese, French, and Albanian troops rush to secure the flank, and save the USS Boxer. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient Medics, SL …

Posted on 2022-May-24 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Trifecta

NAPA insurgents have made a play for Elektrozavodsk, a town close to the east of your CDF unit's headquarters in Chernogorsk. They took it without bloodshed, after the town's police fled west into Chernogorsk. Your mission as 1st PLT of the Chernarussian 95th Motor Rifle Regiment is to take back the town from a company of NAPA fighters stationed in the town and its surroundings. Good luck. Multi-parter mission. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical: Insta-death,3x DMG resistance Respawn: Objective Based

Posted on 2022-May-18 (Wednesday)

New event: Blackfish Down

At 0745 Hours today, a NATO airborne rifle platoon (Callsign: Charlie-1) took off from the USS Freedom in two V-44X aircraft systems (Romeo 2-1, carrying infantry, and Romeo 2-2, carrying vehicles and supplies) vectoring south for the Northern Altis coast, where CSAT presence was believed to be thin to nonexistant. At 0755 hours, a CSAT Air Defense system(approx. grid 1321) engaged the V-44s, forcing an emergency landing. This is their story... ============================== This is a defence mission. CSAT …

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