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Posted on 2022-Jan-17 (Monday)

New event: Death March

Comrades, Supreme Command has learned that out of desperation, the German forces are pinning all their hopes on one final assault against Kursk. Fortunately for us, all of their planning has been critically exposed, and we have been able to determine what is going on: The enemy force has assembled into a pincer attack, consisting of their two army groups, and several Panzer Corps which were tasked with pushing down towards Kursk. In the first three days of combat, the enemy has advanced gradually along …

Posted on 2022-Jan-06 (Thursday)

New event: Vinje Hill

With the Croatian War of Independence in full swing, JNA forces advance towards the Dalmatian Coastline with orders to Capture the Port city of Zadar and free encircled JNA garrisons. Artillery protected by the JNA Stronghold of Vinje Hill pounds Zadar daily, your Platoon of the Croatian National Guard has been tasked with destroying these guns relieving the JNA's vice on the City.

Posted on 2022-Jan-04 (Tuesday)

New event: Hilux War

The UN peacekeepers have upped their game to match the IRA in firepower. Both IRA and the UN possess SPG-9 Toyota Hiluxes and are not afraid to use them. This will be a Team Death Match, both teams spawn with 5 cars with the ability to spawn in up to 15 additional ones (So ideally 3 respawns per each). The Leader of either side has to surrender manually using an ace interaction so both Leader slots are very important. ============== Repo: Blended Respawn: 10 second

Posted on 2021-Dec-29 (Wednesday)

New event: Tria Marshes

Tria Marshes 1944 Wermacht forces have been sent reeling by Operation Bagration, Out of options, The Wermachts 7th Infantry Division is forced to retreat through the dreaded Tria Marshes, Your Platoon, of the 8th Guards Army, begin a persuit in order to wipe out the remaining Germans retreating over the Dnieper. For us, there is much land behind the Dnieper. =============================== BLENDED BEEPO

Posted on 2021-Dec-20 (Monday)

New event: REPO RANCH

The world is a shit. Governments are gone, and private companies own the world, and many things. One company stole things from another, and its time that company wants their things back. PMC forces from the Face Punch Private Entrepreneur Non-negotiable Instigator Squadron are hired to secure some stolen items and vehicles. ====================================================== Medical: Scuffle in the Med standard. Respawn: Simkas Bodybag Repo: Main

Posted on 2021-Dec-16 (Thursday)

New event: Corporate Exchange: Encore

This op was first run on December 6th, 2020. ---------------------------------------------------- In 2045, Blue Pearl Industries was commissioned to build a new warship for the Australian Navy. But, spurred on by hostile intent from the far east, the warship has instead been put to auction - a thin veneer over a materiel handover to the Chinese Navy, paid for by the west. This cannot be allowed to happen. It is now 2049, and the west has responded. Strike Group Athlon has been formed off the coast of the …

Posted on 2021-Dec-08 (Wednesday)

New event: Crombat.fla Redux(ish)

Central Command sends in a group of Crombatants to eliminate sadness johnbat and steal supplies. ---------------------------------------------------- Map:Shapur Time:day Respawn: Simkas Bodybag There is music that can be turned down by just turning down the music slider in your settings Everyone is armed with SMG's. SADNESS JOHNBAT DOES NOT HIRE PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTORS FOR HIS HOME RENOVATIONS. Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Nov-29 (Monday)

New event: Operation Noćni Konj

The year is 2036. Chinese influence over Serbia has risen drastically over the past few decades. the pollution levels followed too, so high in fact that the president himself has started to lose it. Fearing for his life and his position of power, he made a callout post on Twitter calling John Ameritrasen's beef brisket dry in order to assert dominance and gain favor. John Ameritrasen the president of the USA wouldn't stand for this and has launched an all out war against Serbia. The bombings have been …

Posted on 2021-Nov-27 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Storm-333

The Soviet leadership believes, that the current General Secretary of Afganistan, Hafizullah Amin is no longer fit for duty. They tried to poison him and failed. They moved him to the Tajbeg Palace, to a "safer location". Soviet Special Forces, along with Amin's opposition's fighters (only one showed up), assault Tajbeg and kill Amin. =========================== Medical: Default Respawn: 20 minute waves Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Nov-22 (Monday)

New event: Operation: Blackout

About a month ago, Russians invaded and annexed the antarctic micronation of Isla Abramia. Seeing as Abramia is allied to the British, Prime Minister Boris Johnson (2) has authorized a task force to re-invade the island. In the early hours of the morning, just before the invasion, a group of marine commandos move inland to weaken their defences. ========================= Repo: Blended Medical: ?̶?̶?̶?̶ ̶ standard (this time you won't die instantly i swear) Respawn: 10 minute wave Note: I intend for this to …

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