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Posted on 2022-Nov-27 (Sunday)

New event: Harvest Reprisal

The Chernarus of 2020 and beyond was always defined by an ever-rising affinity toward cooperation with CSAT and its spheres - first economically, and later militarily. It culminated in the final admission of Chernarus as a fully-fledged CSAT member state in 2032. The event barely made the news abroad. Yet within Chernarus itself, popular opinion has been divided ever since the very first handshake. Now, six years of CSAT assimilation and four years of international turmoil have boiled the pot over, and …

Posted on 2022-Nov-20 (Sunday)

New event: Operation: King's Fall

This is it. Years of Al-Sulleh simply escaping and coming back must come to an end. Our contacts at WICE News were able to get an interview with the bastard himself but were subsequently captured when caught sending us the signal. Our mission is simple. Rescue the WICE News Crew, locate Al-Sulleh's Facility and take out the bastard. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical: Fractures enabled Respawn: 10 Min wave Music: All music in this op was taken from games and as far as I can tell, shouldn't be …

Posted on 2022-Nov-13 (Sunday)

New event: Choppers over Afghanistan

From 1979 to 1989 Russian soldiers were deployed to what Soviet leadership thought would be a quick war, it however turned into a dragged out conflict lasting nine years where Russian soldiers fought a bloody counter insurgency against the Mujahideen with deaths going into the hundred thousand and the repercussions of this conflict can still be seen in the country today. =============================================== REPO: Main MEDICAL SETTINGS ONLY MEDICS CAN IV 0.5 BLEEDING COEFFICIENT 15 MINUTE …

Posted on 2022-Nov-12 (Saturday)


The galactic civil war known as the Clone Wars is entering its final phase as the Confederacy of Independent Systems has lost a series of critical battles. In an act of desperation they have hired Mandalorian mercenaries to kidnap a Republic Senator and keep him as a hostage. As response the Galactic Republic is sending a special clone detachment to rescue the Senator under command of Jedi General Destroyox. ======================= REPO: BLENDED MEDICAL SETTINGS FRACTURES: DISABLED 10 MINUTE CARDIAC …

Posted on 2022-Nov-07 (Monday)

New event: Ichi-Go Offensive Part 2

2 days and one failed offensive after the initial invasion, momentum has been lost and both sides bogged down. Chinese heavy guns have decimated an entire regiment that tried attacking from the north east, your job is to flank to the south while a feint attack takes place from the north. A Chinese Brigade HQ and support elements are located dangerously close to the front, your job is to destroy this using any means available, you have a cruisers and a air detachment of standby for support (2ic has …

Posted on 2022-Nov-01 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Resolute Defender

With the IRAN-IRAQ war causing tensions to rise in the Persian Gulf, US Forces stepped in to protect shipping. Unfortunately in this, there have been numerous incidents in which US ships have been targeted by both sides. The intent of these aggressions had been unclear until now. Iranian forces suddenly and deliberately fired upon US Forces, prompting a response on Iranian soil. Move in, eliminate the enemy, and evac before heavy opposition rallies against the strike force. ================ Repo: …

Posted on 2022-Oct-23 (Sunday)

New event: Site 13

About 20 hours ago, radio contact was lost with a US Government plane on its way to Alaska. After the plane flew off course for a few hours, it crashed on a believed to be uninhabited island in the Bering Strait. Due to the island being on the Russian side of the Strait, the US Government requests Russia to send in a unit to investigate the crash. A small Spetsnaz unit is sent in to locate the crash and rescue the VIP along with their security detail who were on the plane. ==================== BLENDED …

Posted on 2022-Oct-19 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Rats Nest

CSAT and a struggling to establish a foothold NATO coalition are waging war on Tanoa. CSAT intelligence has received word on an incoming NATO attack targeting critical infrastructure. Their targets are the Communications Tower and the Industrial Port. CSAT is sending a QRF to defend both targets from the planned attacks and then locate and terminate the NATO camps responsible for the attacks. ======================= REPO: MAIN MEDICAL SETTINGS FRACTURES: ENABLED 5 MINUTE CARDIAC ARREST TIMER 1.0 BLEEDING …

Posted on 2022-Oct-09 (Sunday)

New event: Feet First

The Cold War has, predictably, gone hot. With NATO and PACT Forces clashing across Europe, the lines of supply and fuel must continue to flow to feed the war machines of both sides. In a daring attempt to halt the NATO frontline, raids behind enemy lines have been launched. With the pace slowed, more daring assaults commence. The VDV aims to break the enemy's supply, and crush the soft underbelly. ================ CONTACT DLC REQUIRED Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player …

Posted on 2022-Oct-05 (Wednesday)

New event: 3 Days TVT

Three days have passes since the takistani embassy has been taken by terrorists, an takistani citizen has been executed by the terrorists, this is the point of no return. Expect a full fledged assault by British forces. _________________________________________________ Repo - Blended Medical - Standard Respawn - None Notes - 4 rounds will be played so all teams can play as all factions. ACE Flashbangs are in use so turn down your audio Terrorists have tripwire grenades and flare devises.

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