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Posted on 2021-Nov-29 (Monday)

New event: Operation Noćni Konj

The year is 2036. Chinese influence over Serbia has risen drastically over the past few decades. the pollution levels followed too, so high in fact that the president himself has started to lose it. Fearing for his life and his position of power, he made a callout post on Twitter calling John Ameritrasen's beef brisket dry in order to assert dominance and gain favor. John Ameritrasen the president of the USA wouldn't stand for this and has launched an all out war against Serbia. The bombings have been …

Posted on 2021-Nov-27 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Storm-333

The Soviet leadership believes, that the current General Secretary of Afganistan, Hafizullah Amin is no longer fit for duty. They tried to poison him and failed. They moved him to the Tajbeg Palace, to a "safer location". Soviet Special Forces, along with Amin's opposition's fighters (only one showed up), assault Tajbeg and kill Amin. =========================== Medical: Default Respawn: 20 minute waves Repo: Blended

Posted on 2021-Nov-22 (Monday)

New event: Operation: Blackout

About a month ago, Russians invaded and annexed the antarctic micronation of Isla Abramia. Seeing as Abramia is allied to the British, Prime Minister Boris Johnson (2) has authorized a task force to re-invade the island. In the early hours of the morning, just before the invasion, a group of marine commandos move inland to weaken their defences. ========================= Repo: Blended Medical: ?̶?̶?̶?̶ ̶ standard (this time you won't die instantly i swear) Respawn: 10 minute wave Note: I intend for this to …

Posted on 2021-Nov-20 (Saturday)

New event: Vojvodina Express

A group of serbians try and liberate territory in vojvodina using experimental vehicles. ======================================= OP IS 2 HOURS PAST REG TIME Respawn: Simkas Bodybag Repo: Blended Jerna-1 & Jerna-2: Just ask Keberb. I really don't know if you can write this one out.

Posted on 2021-Nov-15 (Monday)

New event: Operation: Free Gracemeria REDUX

"May the Golden King smile upon us. AGAIN." At last our day has come. It's time to initiate Operation: Free Gracemeria. All forces, begin your advance into the capital. Enemy forces have thoroughly besieged Gracemeria. I'm sure we'll be running into some heavy resistance. This is the last battle. Let's win this thing and go home.

Posted on 2021-Nov-15 (Monday)

New event: Operation Sparrow

A warm June day in Rosche, 1983 2 squads of elite VDV are dropped behind American lines. Their objective is to clear out the motor pool town of Hanstedt and the surrounding military installation. The town is guarded by roadblocks and American infantry, supported with static emplacements and armed jeeps. Be careful, soldiers. ==================== Medical: Fatal Injuries & Death Chance = Always & 75% Player Damage Resistance Coef = 2.75 Several things have also been made easier. Treatment times have been …

Posted on 2021-Nov-10 (Wednesday)

New event: Lost Convoy

Portuguese Guinea, 1967. Contact has been lost with a army convoy passing through a region with high rebel ability, it is believed to have been attacked by the rebels. A small detachment of Caçadores Especiais will be dropped by helicopter near the last reported location of the convoy to try to find out what happened to it and the supplies it was carrying. ==================== Objective based respawns Short and simple mission, no planning required

Posted on 2021-Nov-07 (Sunday)

New event: Big Game Hunting: Redux

With the War in Europe moving further into the enemy heartland, US Forces equipped with modern tanks move to hunt down enemy armor, and secure critical infrastructure. ====================================================== Medical: Scuffle in the Med standard. Respawn: Simkas Bodybag Repo: Main Radios: No SRs.

Posted on 2021-Nov-07 (Sunday)

New event: JOINT OP - Vietnam SOG CDLC COOP with BROMA


Posted on 2021-Oct-30 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Ceres

It's time to take back Fallujah from alien hands. However, before a large-scale offensive goes ahead, we need to destroy enemy SAM sites guarding the city. PLT Commander gets a "bolt pistol" (40mm automatic mp5) Machinegunners get "laser LMGs" (DP-27 which happens to shoot 20mm HE) Everyone else gets "laser rifles", FALs that shoot 12.7 BMG. ============================================== Medical: Default Respawn: Wave (10 minutes) Repo: Blended

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