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Posted on 2022-May-18 (Wednesday)

New event: Blackfish Down

At 0745 Hours today, a NATO airborne rifle platoon (Callsign: Charlie-1) took off from the USS Freedom in two V-44X aircraft systems (Romeo 2-1, carrying infantry, and Romeo 2-2, carrying vehicles and supplies) vectoring south for the Northern Altis coast, where CSAT presence was believed to be thin to nonexistant. At 0755 hours, a CSAT Air Defense system(approx. grid 1321) engaged the V-44s, forcing an emergency landing. This is their story... ============================== This is a defence mission. CSAT …

Posted on 2022-May-18 (Wednesday)

New event: Operation Scrabble

The war in the East has stalled, the Soviet War machine breaking down with the death of Stalin. With the Soviet command structure in disarray, Nazi forces have begun to push once again into Russia. Meeting lower resistance there, they turn West, to the allied invasion. A forward unit of US troops desperately hold the line against enemy counter attack, each step back inching them closer to their own graves. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 …

Posted on 2022-May-01 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Sullied Resolve

War has finally returned to the shores of Altis. The NATO Taskforce launches Operation Hopelite to retake the island. After securing Pyrgos, and minor skirmishing surrounding Dorida and Charkia. Under the cover of darkness, U.S. Marines launch an artillery and manned assaulted against the entrenched forces holding Charkia. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient Medics, SL Only Transfusion Fatal …

Posted on 2022-Apr-18 (Monday)

New event: Shell Valley (REDUX)

It is the summer of 2035. The Altian tides of war have grown from a puddle of discontent to a tidal wave of destruction. As the AAF braces for a fight against the world, our friends from Britian have given our troops a daring mission: For our cause to succeed, we need to destroy a series of vital mortar positions in the western valley nearby Agios Konstantinos; more commonly and grimly known as Shell Valley. A mission so bold, yet so daunting no one has seriously considered it. Until, our friends gave …

Posted on 2022-Apr-12 (Tuesday)

New event: Siege on Grammendorf

30/12/1994 Good morning Soldaten, Yeltsin has authorised us to seize the illegitimate capital of the illegal state of Chechnya. Our unit of the 131st Motor-Rifle Brigade is to approach from the West breaking through the Chechens weak outer perimeter, before crushing their forces at the Railway station. This should clear the way to allow us to advance onto the Capital itself, decapitating this rogue state and bringing it back to its rightful place in Russia's arms. удачи, ура.

Posted on 2022-Apr-03 (Sunday)

New event: The Isolated Squad

"Thunder to HQ, we've been ambushed! 3 of our guys are dead, we're in deep shit here! We need help right fucking now!" Earlier this morning, a BMP carrying a specops team was ambushed west of a small village called Guglovo. 3 specops were killed and the 2-man BMP crew were taken hostage and most likely taken to the village. The 5 remaining specops pulled back to an old burnt down village south of Guglovo, but are being pursued by enemy forces. A 2-squad strong QRF force has been sent to rescue them. Time …

Posted on 2022-Mar-28 (Monday)

New event: mission_name

The dastardly [opfor.faction] has stolen critical SQF files and hid them across the island of Stratis, making the mission completely unplayable! It is your job as [blufor.faction] to find and execute all the files and save the day! ------------------- Repo: Main/Blended Medical: standard I think? I still have no fucking clue (but I can assure you instadeath is no longer a thing) Respawn: instant. This isn't a very serious op as you may have noticed. Note: There is one (1) AMD-Corp. Funny-Mine™ Anti …

Posted on 2022-Mar-27 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Tear-Jerker

War has finally returned to the shores of Altis. The NATO Taskforce launches Operation Hoplite to retake the island. With minor skirmishing in the flats surrounding Pyrgos, NATO forces make their play for the town itself. US and German forces move in, striking under darkness. ------------------- Repo: Main Medical Settings Fractures: Enabled 3.5x Player Resistance 5 minute cardiac arrest timer 1.0 Bleeding Coefficient Medics Only Transfusion Fatal Damage: Sum of Trauma and Vital Organ hits Respawn: …

Posted on 2022-Mar-21 (Monday)

New event: Devil's Storm

The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force has been tasked with securing Pyrgos. This coastal town has hidden coastal guns as well as a large amount of opposition forces that are able to project force throughout the region via air assault. The mission launches at 0245 hours. We have 1 hour and 30 minutes to clear the guns and capture the AAF FOB in order for a beachhead on Altis to be secured and for an amphibious invasion to begin. We are the tip of the spear and we intend to shove that spear right into the ass …

Posted on 2022-Mar-21 (Monday)

New event: James Bonds in: Dr. Oh No!

The following is a declassified conversation between M and Q 19xx: M: Well Q, did it work? Q: I am pleased to report that 80% of the current harvest have survived past the initial stage. Q: They are now heading for training. M: Very good Q. How is the original taking all this? Q: 007? He seems to be somewhat pleased with his new found brethren. M: Good to hear. Prepare the first batch for an operation. Dr. Oh No had it too good for too long on that island! ----------------------- Declassified …

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