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Posted on 2018-Feb-19

New event: Clash on the Steppes

One year ago, the Cruanistan Insurgency began with the bombing of the Cruanistan Presidential Election. The President survived, and began immediate supression of Cruanistan's citizens. Two insurgent groups formed to counter the violent crackdowns by the Cruanistan Democratic Defense forces. One is supported by us, NATO, and the other group supported by Russia. In order to prevent the further destruction of Cruanistan, Russia and NATO have negotiated a cease-fire between the Cruanistan government and the …

Posted on 2018-Feb-16

New event: Operation Freedom Falls

The land is retaken piece by piece after the Russian invasion. After capturing Celle, the northern part remains. Our unit is ready for that task. The Russian forces are strong but spread out to cover a lot of the land. A swift and fatal penetration into their their border will spread their forces thin and force them to regroup at which point it will hopefully be too late. The main force is tasked to liberate small towns and push north, with Bergen and Hermannsburg in sight. Foxtrot will be tasked to …

Posted on 2018-Feb-06

New event: Desert Serpent

Three months ago Takistani government fell, after which UN forces stationed in Takistani region have been under constant attacks. In recent days, the rebel attacks on UN become more vicious. Most of the UN forces stationed in the area around Shurukalay have perished or been captured. The UN have failed their operation and now it's time for the big boys to step in. US Army (you) are now going to step in and mop up the mess UN have left behind. You are tasked with re-capturing …

Posted on 2018-Feb-05

New event: Guns of Syrta

ALTIS ARCHIPELAGO, 2026 With the Altis Civil War raging on, both we, the Freedom and Independence Army, and the coup-inducing Army Junta resorted to digging in throughout the vast hills and countryside of the small island, with our faction(FIA) controlling Kavala and the Western side of the island, and the AAF controlling island around Pyrgos, Athira, and Sofia. Civilians fled the frontline between the Northwest hills and the International Airport months ago, and the whole area has been thoroughly shelled …

Posted on 2018-Feb-03

New event: Terryble Timing: Plantation Problem

Description: Small scale version of the classic Terryble Timing, but since we couldn't afford to get you the original, we found a off-brand version by some company saying they can offer "a similar experience". I intend to run this mission a couple of times in these upcoming weeks, so that everyone will get a chance, even if they don't make it to signups on time. This will also allow me to try out a couple of different things with the plank script and other assets.

Posted on 2018-Jan-30

New event: Reforger 3: Novy Sobor Blitz

Over the last seven months, you valient and brave members of the 504th have paradropped behind enemy lines, infiltrated cities, and fought off enemy forces in numbers that couldn't be predicted. The 75th Infantry Division has been doing it's best to hold the areas surrounding Stary Sobor. They are outgunned, running low on ammunition, and because of enemy air assets, unable to resupply. Morale is at an all time low, and the division is at half strength. Our orders are to relieve the 75th in Novy Sobor.

Posted on 2018-Jan-25

New event: Operation Conglomerate

Alright boys, here's the deal: we're conducting a morning raid on an enemy held air field. We know the enemy is expecting us to come at them at any moment, but they don't know we're kicking this off now. At 0420, I expect this briefing to have been passed out to every section and personnel ready to step off for the enemy. We're looking to rout the enemy with our combined firepower between artillery support, harrier jump jets, a Warrior that has managed to be brought to support the Battalion, and our own …

Posted on 2018-Jan-18

New event: Operation Nightly Nights

================ THIS MISSION WILL TAKE PLACE ON JONOPORTER'S SPECIAL SECRET SERVER ACCESSIBLE AT THE FOLLOWING MAPS IS REQUIRED G.O.S Dariyah ================ With the events happening at home, our unit has received a very special assignment. We are tasked with the arrest of a rebel arms dealer hiding in the middle of Saudi Arabia and see if his rebel cell is linked in any way to the events currently occurring back home. …

Posted on 2018-Jan-16

New event: Operation Reforger 2 - Elektrozavodsk Boogaloo

Several months ago, we paradropped into Chernarus to halt Soviet forces from advancing any further into the territory. Luckily, neither side has resorted to using nukes yet. Because of this, lines have been drawn, and neither side has been able to break through the other. However, just a few hours ago, the 1st Armored Division initiated a push into enemy territory. With most of our Armored forces commited to that push, a plan was devised. -------------------- =Basic Medical= =2x Bullet Sponge= =NO …

Posted on 2018-Jan-11

New event: Red Star Rising

The year is 2026. Following an international referendum among EU member states in 2024, the European Union has become a proper superpower- the European Federation (EF). However, this year has been quite harsh for the Russian Federation and the post-Soviet states of Eastern Europe. Climate change-exacerbated famines and lost harvests, in addition to US/EF sanction-worsened economic collapse, have led the Russian government to grow desperate. As such, the Kremlin has grown more and more ultranationalistic …

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