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Posted on 2018-Apr-21 (Saturday)

New event: Terryble Timing: Still Terryble

Since Tomoe's mission got canceled, I took the opportunity to throw something together like hella fast. Just using this as an opportunity to test fortify on a larger scale. This is a glorified comfy downtime. It's not Sunday OP serious, but also don't go full meme please. PLT/SQL will have Pre-Brief 15 minutes before. Try to leave some slots for the euros, since they are disadvantaged by when i'm posting this. IF YOU WANT FRAMES YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE Guns: Plenty Vehicles: Cool ones Respawn: …

Posted on 2018-Apr-16 (Monday)

New event: New Paradigm

The winter of 2030 approaches, and the fires of war in Altis are beginning to die down at last. With the Jerusalem Cease Fire entering into full effect as of 48 hours ago, the international coalition force dubbed AFOR has deployed in full force, the sector divided between national armies of the Mediterranean, NATO's joint Task Force Aegis, and CSAT's security sector in Pyrgos. With this military force of almost 20,000 soldiers, it finally appears as if the Altian Civil War is approaching an end. However, …

Posted on 2018-Apr-13 (Friday)

New event: Operation Siege Breakers

Kavala has been under siege for a good week now and NATO supplies are running thin. In a desperate attempt, they try to break out of Kavala and retake key positions that are held by CSAT and their AAF ally. ======================= Time wave-based respawn Instadeath is on as god always intended it to be 3x damage resistance =======================

Posted on 2018-Apr-04 (Wednesday)

New event: Proving Ground

As the civil war reignites, the AAF take the initiative and strike against FIA guerillas. There will be no creature comforts, no damage resistance, no respawn and no second chances.

Posted on 2018-Apr-03 (Tuesday)

New event: Innie Hunt

================ THIS MISSION WILL TAKE PLACE ON JONOPORTER'S SPECIAL SECRET SERVER ACCESSIBLE AT IT WILL BE AFTER "Space Ops: Advocates of Evil" aprox. 2 hours THE FOLLOWING MODS ARE REQUIRED AND UPDATED SINCE LAST USED Operation Trebuchet Operation Trebuchet ACE Compatibility ================ One week ago a Marine Recon team was sent onto this quarantined island but …

Posted on 2018-Apr-02 (Monday)

New event: Space Ops: Advocates of Evil

================ THIS MISSION WILL TAKE PLACE ON JONOPORTER'S SPECIAL SECRET SERVER ACCESSIBLE AT THE FOLLOWING MODS ARE REQUIRED AND UPDATED SINCE LAST USED Star Wars Opposition Main Star Wars Opposition Maps ================ Planet Malden, Outer Rim. Local Resistance has been fighting the CIS occupation ever since the Clone Wars began. Clone commando …

Posted on 2018-Mar-30 (Friday)

New event: Boarding Party

Malden, 2035. Terrorists have seized an oil rig just off the coast of Malden and have sent us a ridiculous set of demands. As we do not intend to comply with their demands, your Special Forces unit will have to board the cargo ships the terrorists used to seize the oil rig, eliminate all hostiles and reclaim the oil rig. ======================= One Respawn Prevent Instant Death turned on =======================

Posted on 2018-Mar-24 (Saturday)

New event: Operation Tax Evasion: No Rebate

After the fuckup in the last operation in Takistan no one wanted to hire the PMC company anymore. Thus, the company went bankrupt. Luckily the company was bought up by an American firm before you had to file bankruptcy and your jobs are secure once more. However; the liquidation of assets has already begun and nearly all weaponized and armored vehicles are already sold. Some of them are still in the hangars waiting for the buyer to pick them up. The bad side of being bought out by an American company …

Posted on 2018-Mar-24 (Saturday)

New event: Fueling the Fires

PL CONFIDENTIAL Two years ago, on the eve of what would have been a week-long festival celebrating the Sahrani royal family, General Costa made an attempt on Queen Isabella's life and that of her young son, driving them into exile in Russia. Seizing power, he established himself as dictator of the small island nation and began bleeding it dry. International embargos aimed at shaming and punishing the General have further starved the nation. Fuel is scarce, food scarcer still, the Sahranian dollar is …

Posted on 2018-Mar-20 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Round House

International tensions in the Baltics are at a crisis point, and war is looking increasingly likely. Your battalion has been deployed to Napf to assure the security of the western half of the country. ======================= Defence mission Timed wave-based respawn Instadeath is on, 2.5x damage resistance Subpar replacement vehicles for destroyed vehicles No mercy will be shown =======================

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