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Posted on 2018-Jul-19 (Thursday)

New event: Gone Fishin'

TOP SECRET - US MARINES The Arab Spring's conflagration rapidly spread out of Syria and Libya after the destablisating fallout event of August 2018. Somewhere in the swampy coastline of the Indian Ocean, the breakaway state of Sugar Lake is being funded by a non-cooperative regional power. We are sending in two eight-man squads with a mortar team to act as tactical advisors for the local concerned civilian groups, who wish to see this land returned to the rightful ownership of the previous regime. Your …

Posted on 2018-Jul-17 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Surreptitious

The Podagorsk peninsula has been under Soviet control for several years and has been a very important location for transporting personnel and equipment across the Baltic sea via both air and sea. It is usually heavily defended and several NATO attempts to recapture the area have failed. Now, there is a real posibility to retake it for good. With the war in Europe taking a heavy toll on both NATO and Soviet forces, the Soviets have recently recalled most of their units situated in Podagorsk into the main …

Posted on 2018-Jul-17 (Tuesday)

New event: Fear No Evil

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Peter 5:8 Hell, this is something the local police department has been hearing for a while now the victims of the wild animal attacks, that have been increasing lately. Coincidentally, these vicious attacks have only been occurring at night, deep in the woods outside of town. The increase in missing person’s reports should also be noted in that general area. Now, we’ve received a 911 call …

Posted on 2018-Jul-17 (Tuesday)

New event: Operation Driving Snow

Blended Repo Players play as a small PMC platoon, contracted to destroy ultranationalist-assets and extract a HVT during snowfall conveniently used to conceal their operation on Panthera. Mission Details: Respawn: OFF 2x Player Dammage Resistance Instant death prevention is enabled Max Revive Lives: 2 Custom Scripts handling enemy loot and sidechat will be enabled however shiftclick on map will be enabled and enemies are expected to "drop" some of their equipment

Posted on 2018-Jul-17 (Tuesday)

New event: Desperate Bargain

The US were previously backing the militia and supplying them with weapons and air support. However now, with the army and milita falling under the same flag, the US operations in Lythium have lost sufficent support and face an enemy equipped with their very own weapons. 2 days ago a US helicopter, callsign "Blackfoot" has gone missing. The pilots are most likely dead, and the wreckage has yet to be found. Yesterday a CIA informant reached out with intel about the incident. The informant has agreed to …

Posted on 2018-Jul-09 (Monday)

New event: Operation Water Through Fire

At the current time the AAF are still holding over 50% of Altis awaiting CSAT reinforcements. After days of AAF missile-strikes raining down on NATO positions with little concern about damage to civilian infrastructure, NATO decided to launch an assault on the AAF missile positions. A platoon of NATO soldiers was able to deploy close to the missile trucks and are about to head out from their staging point via boats to try to destroy the enemy artillery. ======================= 2x Respawn Wave unlocked …

Posted on 2018-Jul-08 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Blackpool

Somewhere in Africa, 2020. Amidst a worldwide oil crisis, the African continent saw the rise of many new and dangerous militias that stretch their greedy hands out for the wealth the black golds provides. Big Oil Corporations started investing in these militias to secure new oil sources in a seemingly endless amount of proxy battles amongst each other, until now. Porter Industires™ once again, hires Orision Securites™ for a very delicate matter. One of its Oil Refineries has been attacked and occupied by …

Posted on 2018-Jul-08 (Sunday)

New event: Concrete Jungle

The Agia Marina favela has been home of criminals and drug dealers for a long time. The local police rarely enter the favela due to the large amount of heavily armed criminals living in close proximity of civilians. Recently the drug dealers have temporarily pushed all the civilians out of the favela for unknown reasons. We believe this might be because they've received a large shipment of drugs and do not want the civilians interfering. This is a perfect chance to deal a serious blow to the drug trade in …

Posted on 2018-Jul-04 (Wednesday)

New event: Bush Wolves

Greetings, Altian warriors of Freedom and Independence. Our Army suffers day to day. But even as the illegal military junta butchers our men, spartan warriors waging a rebellion for a free homeland, we do not falter. Regularly, our cells commit attacks and smuggles new manpower and equipment into Altis. Soon enough, we will once again be able to establish a front-line against the terrorist enemy! But to do that, we have to re-establish our base of operations in Stratis Island, by fighting and raiding AAF …

Posted on 2018-Jul-04 (Wednesday)

New event: Ikan Kota Sunrise

The Russian Forces have taken control over the village of Ikan Kota. This tiny village is the only foothold the Russians still have in the North Tembelan Island, therefor it's of high importance to them. The remaining rebel forces(you) have gathered in a nearby church.. For them, the village is worth more than any strategic location, for them, it's home, it's where they grew up: Just weeks ago, Ikan Kota was a beautiful beach resort, a place where the locals would gather on the beach to grill and dance …

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