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Posted on 2022-Oct-05 (Wednesday)

New event: 3 Days TVT

Three days have passes since the takistani embassy has been taken by terrorists, an takistani citizen has been executed by the terrorists, this is the point of no return. Expect a full fledged assault by British forces. _________________________________________________ Repo - Blended Medical - Standard Respawn - None Notes - 4 rounds will be played so all teams can play as all factions. ACE Flashbangs are in use so turn down your audio Terrorists have tripwire grenades and flare devises.

Posted on 2022-Oct-05 (Wednesday)

New event: Exercise Wayfinder

The LDF conducts land nav practice in south Livonia. What could go wrong? This is a nice casual op for players to practice navigating with map and compass. Bluforce tracking and shift+click waypoints are disabled. Supervisors are intended to be played by people more proficient with navigating. They are there to monitor the progress of players, and are given a GPS to make sure they do not get off track. I recommend enabling simple map tools under optional mods. Repo: Main Medical: Default Respawns: …

Posted on 2022-Oct-03 (Monday)


Captains log, October 15th, 1705. After more than three months of sailing, we have found the HMS Pride on the shore of an island that does not exist on even our latest sea maps. The Pride is not seaworthy anymore and the crew is nowhere to be found. I have ordered my fellow sailors to drop anchor, and as of writing we are preparing an expedition into the dense wood of this unknown island to hopefully find out more about the missing crew. God save the King. ======================= REPO: BLENDED MEDICAL …

Posted on 2022-Oct-02 (Sunday)

New event: Operation Starfall

The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ), also known as the ''Chedaki'', have long been a thorn in the side of the Chernarussian Government. However, their attempts at revolution have always met failure. That is, until recently. The ChDKZ have recieved significant military support from CSAT, who are underwriting their capabilities in Chernarus. Early this week, the ChDKZ assassinated Mme. President Kusnetsova and since then have overthrown large swathes of Northern Chernarus. The Office of the …

Posted on 2022-Sep-25 (Sunday)

New event: Dance With Death

After an upset in the emergency elections in 2018, Putin has been removed from power in Russia. Quite upset with this, the election was contested with violent opposition across the country. Ultra-nationalist military units supporting Putin entered into armed conflict with Democratically aligned forces all across the country. Russia is in a state of Civil War. Fight on the side of democracy, and squash the Ultra-Nationalist forces ruining the country. ================ Repo: Main Medical …

Posted on 2022-Sep-20 (Tuesday)

New event: Battle at The Triagon

For a year now, the Karzhegi troops have been invading the territory of Sotoa with the intent to lay claims to its luscious woodland and ample supply of water, which Karzhegistan severely lacks. Thankfully, after a series of stalemates, we managed to stall the tip of their spear in the forests of Nadbor. The enemy has positioned their best mechanized unit in the area at the strategically vital Motel Triagon, at the forest highway crossroad between Sotoan controlled Nadbor and Lembork, and the Karzhegi …

Posted on 2022-Sep-18 (Sunday)

New event: Goose Green

28th May 1982, The situation in the South East Atlantic has exploded, UK and Argentine troops have been in significant contact since the British landings at San Carlos. British Forces having gained the initiative and are attempting a push through Goose Green towards the Capital of Port Stanley, Your platoon of the 2nd Battalion 2 Para has been tasked with capturing and holding the vital Goose Green area. ------------------- Repo: Blended + …

Posted on 2022-Sep-12 (Monday)

New event: Operation LINEDOWN

The Lighthouse War began on May 15th 2019, when Erusea attacked Osea and Osea-aligned peacekeeper forces unprovoked, via a vast network of autonomous airborne drones. Although it has been many months of retreat and survival, the tide has finally begun to turn as Osean forces from Zapland and elsewhere have spearheaded northwest. It is now July. With Osean forces now marching into the Waiapolo mountains, more Erusean undercover facilities are being uncovered every day. Among them is an entrenched drone …

Posted on 2022-Sep-11 (Sunday)

New event: Border Beatdown

A prolonged border dispute between the African nations of Buranda and Zangaro reaches its boiling point when the Zangaran army invades Buranda in an attempt to enforce their claimed version of the border. After a short period, Burandans are able to stop the Zangaran advance before they are able to reach all their objectives. Now, the Burandan Defence Force is launching a counteroffensive in order to retake the territories currently occupied by the Zangarans. ==================== BLENDED repo Bodybag …

Posted on 2022-Sep-03 (Saturday)

New event: The Beach Episode

President Eisenhower has sent support to a Mediterranean nation undergoing civil conflict. After a long patrol our Marine unit is tasked with clearing Insurgents off a beach. Await for rearm before moving out to destroy them. =========== Repo: Main Medical: Advanced, 2x damage resistance Thirst and Hunger: Yes Respawn: 1 at the first 5 minutes or so, otherwise it's a 1 life mission

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