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Posted on 2017-Oct-19

New event: Zaros Urban Warfare

At 01:00 this morning CSAT sent a declaration of war and simultanously launched an invasion of Altis. On the world stage we stand alone - David against Goliath. We hold our own, but for how long? Sigma 4-1 and 4-2 have become encircled whilst evacuating citizens from the town of Zaros, as the closest units avaliable we must break that encirclement and return toward friendly lines before a stronger enemy force arrives. Ready? Let's push these bugs back into the Aegean!

Posted on 2017-Oct-17

New event: Boots Were Made For Walking

Charlie has been hammering NB Pyle with hidden artillery from inside the jungle ever since the Marine Corps pushed into the NVA's northern sector. That is why the Light Infantry is being sent on a Search and Destroy mission across the river. The goal is to find any VC positions and destroy them. Start off by crossing the Tonle River and then set off on foot through the villages. Make a sweep of their defensive positions and then get into the jungle before Chamkar Yeak. There's a Base Area triangle in that …

Posted on 2017-Oct-12

New event: Jungle Highway Int. 1: Green River

[INFORMATION REDACTED] THIS IS AN INTERLUDE MISSION. The outcome and information gathered will bear an effect on the Campaign in progress. DR 3, Prevent Instant Death Enabled, NO RESPAWN

Posted on 2017-Oct-11

New event: Jungle Highway Ch. 2: Fear of Napalm

Two days have passed since the USMC’s dynamic entry into the theatre. The local Vietcong have been shaken. Pushed against the wall by the USMC’s arrival, the survivors have grown desperate. The haggard American garrison has been resupplied and reinforced, and to the west of the river, the NVA have begun to panic. Now is the time to strike. With the combined might of the fresh USMC and the grizzled air cavalry, Operation Pelican enters its next phase: The capture and defense of the northwestern supply …

Posted on 2017-Oct-04

New event: Jungle Highway Ch. 1: Cambodian Holiday

The Tet Offensive became a real piece of work for the American and other Coalition Troops' lives. With the massive onslaught of Viet Cong and North Vietnam troops all around South Vietnam, the security fighting forces from every Corps Tactical Zone found themselves nothing short of completely overwhelmed by the communists. Your unit as well took a part in some of the bloodiest fighting: but any man in the Armed Forces will tell you, nothing's been on par with Khe Sanh's siege. And your next mission is …

Posted on 2017-Sep-30

New event: Fog of Horrors

.x.x.x. Initializing... .x.x.x. .x.x.x. Verifying ID... .x.x.x. .x.x.x. Decrypting message... .x.x.x. 24 hours ago a tremor struck the island of Altis, shortly after the island became covered in deep layers of fog emanating from a facility that was working on an experimental technology under the code name "Project Heaven's Gate", focused on creating a gate to other dimensions with the goal of resource exploitation. Shortly after the incident, the island went completely silent. Your goal is to secure any …

Posted on 2017-Sep-27

New event: Regime Change

Napf's corrupt government is in the process of falling to Russian state capture after propaganda efforts led to a partisan coup. Loyalists have begged the international community for aid as Russian forces seize their ports and block refugees from fleeing the island. Officially, the situation is too diplomatically tense for America and the rest of NATO to intervene, but tonight Napf's cries will be answered. Led by a ranking CIA agent and equipped for sabotage, the USMC 2nd Division's best make a wet …

Posted on 2017-Sep-17

New event: Operation Exstinguo

Malden hasn't been the easiest to take back. So far we only control roughly 2/3rds of the planet. The initial push by ODST that led the way was a good start, but now it's time to finish what they started. You marines will patrol the local population, gather intel, and then prepare to execute a mission based on that intel.

Posted on 2017-Sep-14

New event: Terry Clancy™: Splinterry Island

Follow up your top tier castle building with some high acting, maximum action, hostage simulations.

Posted on 2017-Sep-14

New event: Operation Reforger

Tensions have been on the rise between the USSR and the USA since the close of World War Two. General Bradley and President Truman have decided to launch Operation: Reforger, a full scale invasion of Chernarus similar to the Normandy landings. Your unit, the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was outstanding in World War Two, and the Army is calling upon you paratroopers once more. Date and time: Earliest Sunday possible(i may have to reschedule due to Hurricane Irma so idk) at Standard op time

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